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till the end ark sz

verse 1:

as i, reminisce about the old days,
the ojs, devon n kase,
bumpin grindin in the hallways
back in school, i broke the rules,
i ran wid fools i paid my dues
i do anything to be cool
its funny how time flies
in the blink of an eye,
ya see years of ya life go passin by
as i try to maintain,
i break the chains
weed smoke in my brain,
just to ease the pain
i recall it was a black thang, a mack game
now its either gangbang or livin in the crack game
mercy mercy meeee, not to curse me,
just cause it hurts me,
to see my people out ah work doin dirt
money comes disperse drain an accountant for what its worth,
poverty stricken environments,
lead to early retirements
drugs moved into the ghetto by the government
im back by popular demand,
a easy hundred grand,
made marvin gaye feel like a troubled man
schemes calculating dreams made on triple beams
so it seems all things is for the green

verse 2:

its just the way its gon be till i die
this gangsta life, who ride throw up sets
its for the evil mind,
living our lives sayin hes a friend of mine
had these niggas wanna smoke me in the blink of the eye tell me why?
retaliatin waitin in the bushes wid the calico
reload and ready to go hit the floor
ride on young hogs get ya bang on,
and make sure you got ya zones
get ya slang on, ya caine on
its a meetin a short greetin
nobodys leavin, till we see some body leakin
some deady bodies bleedin,
and every place we roll we get a g-stroll
punks jump up to get beat down and t rowed

(big syke)
we commence to smash, get the cash, thats all we wanted
wid desire expired cause every hood is haunted
by killas and jackers, tryna make it as a street hog
bustin out a coupe in the smog....

verse 3:

as i begin to put em in bags
im taking drags from the shrimp
stake that sweat, like a bitchs clit
but i gotta keep it lit,
dont split just take another hit
man slug to ya fuckin dome,
and now ya spirit and soul
has got nowhere to fuckin roam,
i be the one that is ready to battle invitin the one to come try me
who in the fuck ever said that a-roc was bad as evil a crimey
and goin through bottle it harm wid dice bitch to your fuckin throat
hes dead and hes gone goody bye, so you know that is all he wrote
so bon voyage to those that stand around its time to break
if not youll be another fucking victims life i take
when i was born i came along wid a pair of big ass nuts
i smoking em all so fuck the rest of all you rappin mutts

(big syke)
our futures been dark since little locs in the park
weak appetites searchin for a light but none in sight
i know god see a nigga in this turmoil and suspense
trapped in this gutter residence..

fuck friends and gets my endz is all i know
i cant trust no nigga, so you know i damn so cant trust no hoe,
cash been hard to find since 89, been a steady grind
always involved, in major crime

i got a crew thatll rush a chosen few to stay true
till the end gettin our revenues and payin dues
still tow this money, payback for murdered buddies
now things is bloody, time to play em like putty,
gots to give me my props cause we comes deep
hard rock lettin the evil mind be known on your street

verse 4: big syke

cause me and my row dogs everything we did as kids was for the turf,
tryna make it work, and my womans gettin her feelings hurt
see thats my row dog and you my row puppy,
not likin him and sweatin mes making shit crazy
hazy days wid penetentiary ways dont make me choose
cemetary dates, escalate, so you know you lose
im cruisin through chaos, drivin through hell county
disappear off the earth, only my row dog can find me
always on the side of me in danger parlayin on betta days
to the oak well stay down forever to our dyin days,
i pray to yahweh every night to lead us right across
whoever go first, dont let the other get lost
playaboss is what we call ourself
soon as we got a taste ah wealth
now we satelite niggaz wid a bigger aresenal on our shelf,
trained and schooled by gs, death before dishonor
shakin fleas, fuck wid these you a goner, my east partner
on my side when we ride in synchronized formation,
making hits, pullin licks, building our reputation
in the hood from a tiny to a g-hog,
nothing comes closer nigga,
than me and my road dogs.


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