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satelite niggaz ark sz

[syke talking]
shit, yeah
yeah, beam me up,
the only thing on earth,
that can find a satelite nigga
is a black superman
(above the law)

verse 1:

see i dwell in the land where nobody else can understand
how i feel the need to increase my speed
i keep my shit on potent while im ignoring,
punk motherfuckas, kmg, westcoastin
do what ima have tos,
so you can catch the essence of this black brother
caught up in the rapture,
i bend a corner in the mist, (str8 up)
on the low rider town
chop a chicken deal wid it
satelite niggaz, all up in ya home town
cultivatin and waitin to put this california grind down
yeah and it just dont stop,
got that s on my chest
and my five hundred out the shop
laced wit twenties livin, lovely
indo to drug me,
beverley rats to rub me,
and i think that ill never go legit
long as, california keep pushin that bomb shit

satelite niggaz gotta ball,
while the willies lay and pray for our downfall,
we slide worldwide, rollin memorising
cookie hungry hoes keep despizing

verse 2: big syke

remember me i got kis comin from overseas,
aint no fleas around these clockin gs
from la to north carolina you will find a,
satelite nigga big wheeler wid all kinda
rem-edies to kill poverty inflation level
street degrees to gs, congratulations to several
thug scholars we honor cause you made it out baller,
street clout, fuck what they talkin about, shot callers
we need, to kill the greed of the starvin youth
substitute game from loot and what you plan to shoot
the stupid niggas get disciplined, but listen when,
incarcerated hated enemies in the state pen
evil grin on faces all day cases evolve
so theyll never solve, high speed chases
better paces is near, have no fear in your eyes
keep praying to the skies for the prize,
satelite niggaz


verse 3:

now ima take yall back like some ole school parliament shit
like rollin zenith and doin small time licks
picture this, i was on the highway
wid fifteen chickens in the trunk,
ready to get my endz ready to dump
do yall remeber when that jeep was thirteen five
when we had just setup shop out lil rock
we did the double back flip that shit easy
then we took some homies up to detroit,
and some down to tennessee,
cause thats the way its gotta be
yo smooth like goldie,
mack like billy d,
because satelite niggaz come in all shapes and sizes
big like willy tall like high risers,
rollin stretch 5 double os, pimpin l-dogs
blowin smoke on them 20-inch mo mos
i asked the homies whatll be next,
they already pimpin and fuckin on the internet,
yo, so keep your game sugar free
like the black superman satelite nigga o-g, uh
and ya dont stop,
yo, i say, and ya dont quit,
yeah, in this life this
it dont take nuthin for me to play a bitch
and im out.... above the law yall

hook (2x)


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