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on my way out ark sz

intro: syke

if i die right now there somethings i want to say
dont plan for the future cause the future is today
live ya life like ya dying, cause in reality you are,
sometimes sacrificed, but keep praying to the stars

verse 1:

stay focused, they say the locest will die first
but the calm quiet type seems to be the worst, since birth
off from the basket to the casket was obituary
to fulfill yo life is necessary, its scary
that you gotta live to die, why ask why?
i need fortification in this situation passing by
cryin inside as i get high, as i ride
through the southside wonderin when im gon die
fuck a try clock tickin when ya born
when a baby enter this world we need to mourn
my hearts torn apart from the start
things are never feelin right,
runnin in the night tryna beam up satelite
shot a kite to that homie feelin lonely out here
it seems done into things dreams, and nightmares
trapped in darkness regardless my minds touched
ambushed in poverty so life dont matter much
such envy and misery surroundin me my destiny,
is to ball outta control,
want a leader follow me on a illest journey searchin for yahweh
im campaigning for him nigga

[syke sings along with the chorus]
i wanna lay in a far deep away seclusion
but i cant get away its an illusion
im falling further into darkness,
thats why we heartless

nobody knows what the future holds for you
dont hesitate do all the things you plan to do
lifes to short, time flies as you grow
i know you dont wanna die,
but one day you have to go

verse 2:

once told time prosperitys not clear, no fear
my prospective cant find it but its so near, reappear
cause im almost dead steady dodgin lead
wanted by the feds, take me dead, feel what i said,
step in this world die forever tryna make it
make a plan get what you can cause niggas fake it
i had to take it cause i see you cant see me wid it,
searching for greater days, are the ways to get it, shit its,
gettin crazy in the land where nobody cares
a?placebo? in the mist of the night air
prepare to get yours, open doors to a money journey
niggas is counterfeit so bullshit dont concern me,
follow me and ill take you where the gs hang,
where authentic hogs made it off the street fame
check game i been and evil mind since 79
now niggas want me to rewind,
on my way out nigga!

chorus (along wid syke)

verse 3:

i know thugs thatll bury ya
i live in a drug area
outta sight some nightsll get scarier,
drivin on a murder course, no remorse, cant feel,
even through the pain and sufferin we keep it real
lets make a deal i get killed, by a black
if i do, gimme my life back,
on the attack mode, ice cold as i dip ghetto block
blunt in my mouth, hand on my glock
poppin rocks is a past time hobby i take serious,
some disappear its mysteriously funny
its about money where i live and stay
but still aint got here to this day
i wanna lay in a far deep away seclusion
but i cant get away its an illusion
nigga prostitution are the drug trade in the states
like devil case, they all perpetrate,
im on my way out

chorus (1x) (w/o syke)

[syke sings solo]
i wanna lay in a far deep away seclusion
but i cant get away its an illusion
im falling further into darkness,
thats why we heartless

chorus (til fade)


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