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highdollaz ark sz

verse 1:

im high till i die,
drunk till im gone
everybody wanna talk but leave me alone
homies sayz about the feds, little brothers dead
and all i see is murder and trouble always ahead
so im trapped in pain, cause momma wont stop cryin
got nothin to gain in the game forever tryin
will i lose so i choose to be a killa
so when you mention syke they say, fuck that nigga
but i dont give a fuck im drivin buckets,
stackin duckets, tryna get my mail,
constantly warned about death in jail
so im high why even try, glocks to the sky
its either me or the enemy somebody gonna die
but nobody cares the world is so ungrateful,
it aint fair my woman dropped me after being faithful
i cant take it i smoke a pack a day
its like im goin cracked away,
what you say...

times revolvin can you see the change?
never solvin things will always stay the same,
times revolvin can you feel the pain?
never solvin things will always stay the same

verse 2:

dear mister president i represent the ghetto
tell ya wife hello, ill be brief wid this kinda grief
niggas is locked up set blocked up penetentiary lies
mo niggas in jail than baptised,
for centuries my loyalty family pockets stay lackin
homies stretch is overcrowded and you still taxin
homies dyin now who got the clout, not me,
you get more time for 5 grammes and a half a ki
blacks poppin rocks, whites on the powder grind
you wanna test mine, rather die than let you see me cry
so im lost whats the cost for a crime boss
it depends on the color of the sauce
democrats republicans stumblin to the concrete
cause they covered by white sheets,
cant compete wid you scandalous politicians
so every fuckin night, im on a mission
highdolla gangbangin


verse 3:

still caught between my woman and my pistol and my chips,
im surrounded by blood and crips, will i trip?
i need money disjunction, so im wild cant function
aint that something for nothing?
who the fuck do i look like?
to go from lil syke to big syke overnight
bangin tights in 79 rollin perimeters
from january to december, can you remember?
big homies puttin in work, 6-4s in the dirt
going body wid your gs till ya knuckles hurt
in the land of the lost where it cost to bang
so i made it off the street fame fuck the rap game
its a shame so much pressure and pain
niggas cant maintain cause on the streets they got bustas scandalous
now you a killin apparatus nigga come now,
vow to stay a hog till the day i die
while busta niggas wanna try,
this highdolla gangbangin

chorus (2x)


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