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good timez ark sz

[syke talkin]
yeah...... yeah,
the good times,
when you was a little kid
playing in the yard, you know,

verse 1:

it seems like yesterday i used to play around the way
those were the good timez,
growing up as a child, carefree,
momma said i was wild by three
even pops showed me love he was there
i remember hanging out playing truth or dare
cowboys and indians, ring your bell and run
when the only thing we sprayed was water guns
we didnt have much so we made the best of,
what we could afford but we had love,
tryna be grown might snick and curse
one tv set gotta cut it on first,
back in the good timez and the jeffersons
when ya next door neighbour was ya best friend
those are the days i miss and reminisce...
so i steady wish, for the good timez


nothing but the good timez on my mind, can i rewind,
the time back to my early days, as children play,
on the road to tomorrow, some passed away,
so my future feels hollow

verse 2:

im thinking back on my history, in my elementary
i wonder do they still remember me?
that little bad as kid,
the boy that wanted someone to help him, but they never did
so off to the office i go, you know,
a problem case from the get go
will i ever change before its too late?
i need to study harder and get my life straight,
moms and pops praying for the best for me
i was blind and i couldnt see
but they told me friends come and go as you grow
focus in, play to win, or you will live low,
so i tried to do my best, failed every test
my life was becoming a mess
even though the past years are far behind,
they in my mind... considered as a good time


verse 3:

i remember playing in the street wid my lil bro
kickin it wid mental and big k-dog where you go?,
dizzy d, big chip, rest in peace
nissy t and all my other people de-ceased,
cant let my memories slip away
no i aint okay, cause i havent seen you today,
nothing but good timez, on my mind, can i rewind?
the time back when i used to have a seventy-nine lac,
wid a black phantom and i bought em selling crack,
i want em back, my teachers miss satedon, miss nor-ville
encouraged me, and wished me well,
to excell in life, its a high price,
good advice, summer nights fist fights
saying, things wouldnt be so bad,
if we got the things we never had

[syke talks]
i aint mad, huh-ha-ha
im thinking bout the good timez,
im thinking bout the good timez

chorus (til fade)


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