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at your convenience ark sz

-phone rings-
[syke]: whats up baby?, what you doing?
[woman]: im just in the kitchen cooking you dinner
[syke]: hey?, you know what?, i aint even gon be able to make it
i got to take care ah some business
[woman]: what, what the fuck is your problem?
im tired ah this shit, i cant believ this shit...

verse 1:
i was so in love with you
did everything you want me too
try my best to turn away
the temptation got ya here today
i really wanna let you go
but my mind and bodys telling me no
its at your convenience,
so i spend all my time waiting on you
its at your convenience
so i dont know what to do,

verse 2: big syke

baby im bout my money and family and a woman that stands by me
so dont get upset when you cant find me
dont tie me down,
ill come around when my business is through,
i know you had plans and things for us to do but maybe you,
think id rather be someplace maxin
id rather be at your place relaxin,
cant be no everyday quality time playa
i got bills and things to do so ill see ya later
wit you its cool id be a fool not to get paid
lay up under you and not pursue what needs to be made
parlayin aint possible responsible for carryin the weight
who you lookin at when the bills late, oh wait,
what about the trip you wanna take to the bahamas
aint gon be no trip wid all this drama
ask your momma, about a man always around not wantin nothing,
got to separate to get something,
its at whose convenience?


its at your convenience,
i spend all my time waiting on you
its at your convenience
and i dont know what to do,

verse 3:

my girlfriends say im crazy
for wantin to have your baby
i tell em moneys not the issue
its all the time that i miss you
i wanna know why ya friends come before me
all the free time you get you ignore me
breaking dates, youre always late
youre making my love turn into hate
why does it have to be this way
i thought it was forever and a day
i want it all now

verse 4:

so much trouble in the world baby
cant nobody feel my pain
the strain and pressure in life you had to sacrifice sometime,
to stay on point on a thin line,
find the closest denominator to stay together
whatever choice may be, im ready for whatever
cause i slept alone and been alone many a nights
wid no woman, why we argue over petty fights?
alright im feelin what ya sayin okay,
remember we did it in the caddy on the highway
my way, i been used to for a long time
souls are hard to combine, it takes time
me and my homies have a bond and a plan
im your man, its just some things you dont understand
can we work it out and try to find a way?
or never let it out and go our separate ways?...
i dont know, huh-huh, but i can handle it baby....

chorus (2x)


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