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aint no love ark sz

[syke talking]
aint been no love around here for a long time
when the love gon come back
huh, i dont know, i dont know
but till then, keep doing it like i do it

verse 1: big syke

from the first day of birth it was like we was cursed,
for our destiny to ride away in a hearse
unseen tomorrows so many hearts are hollow
cant help em theyll put me down if i let em
im givin fifty feet to the average friend or foe
and ill kill you fo you kill me if you dont know
cause sometimes god put you in the path to kill
but not if your intentions are to hurt or steal
constantly surrounded by despisers thats intoxicated
cause all of us are gang related,
later years fully gettin there
what do we have here?
one day every family shall shed a tear,
im lost i cant find myself, i listen but dont learn
whats the call for help will god let me burn
so im takin everyday like im livin my last,
whats the aftermath all i know, is aint no love

chorus: g-money

love dont love nobody
and love dont love no one
i said love dont love nobody
and love dont love no one
it aint no love, it aint no lvoe

verse 2: mopreme

it aint no love fuck the love
see ima thug wid mad slugs
and trippin off these hoes up under my rug
blind and i cant see sometimes
this remy martin got me high
givin my shit a try,
my people doubt me why
hey, im way too fly
thinkin everybody down wid me until i die
just like in a nightmare
straight to fuck from nowhere
nines in yo back like you aint seen jack
now sticky situations make a motherfucka feel
like going straight to hell cause at least hell is real
im holdin shit down like a motherfuckin vet
im a real nigga doin real things, and that you can bet.....


verse 3: big syke

they say reach in your heart and you will find yo mind
everyday in the streets got my foresight blind
my aftertime is narrow peepin down the barrel of a four
just a nigga or a killa i dont know so
who makes the call will i fall a victim like the rest
slug in the chest one in the dome and make sure im gone
send me home all alone in these cold streets
the desperation constantly drinkin and i cant sleep
neck deep strugglin tryin to survive
some wanna die i wanna stay alive
eyes on the prize let me modify this whole region
i declare this sucka duckin season, gimme the reason
why i should change into a softy,
after livin so lofty
it cost me my soul outta control in a devils world
me my niggas and my girl,
it aint no love

chorus (til fade)


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