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foreigner, foreigner arklar, foreigner ark szleri
1.a love in vain380
2.a night to remember380
3.all i need to know387
4.at war with the world394
5.back where you belong374
6.big dog631
7.blinded by science386
8.blue morning, blue day382
9.break it up375
10.cant wait513
11.cold as ice672
12.counting every minute361
13.crash and burn349
14.dirty white boy581
15.do what you like390
16.dont let go519
17.double vision391
18.down on love378
19.face to face371
20.feels like the first time390
21.flesh wound404
22.fool for you anyway398
23.girl on the moon416
24.growing up the hard way406
25.hand on my heart406
26.head games402
28.heart turns to stone336
29.hole in my soul394
30.hot blooded466
31.i dont want to live without you494
32.i have waited so long383
33.i keep hoping364
34.i need you723
35.i want to know what love is449
36.inside information374
37.ill fight for you515
38.ill get even with you469
39.im gonna win590
40.juke box hero370
41.lonely children432
42.long, long way from home390
43.love has taken its toll380
44.love on the telephone399
45.lowdown and dirty345
47.moment of truth380
48.mountain of love401
49.night life390
50.no hiding place413
51.only heaven knows400
52.out of the blue429
53.prisoner of love347
55.reaction to action409
56.ready for the rain365
57.real world351
58.rev on the red line547
59.running the risk330
60.safe in my heart397
61.say you will394
63.shes too tough645
64.soul doctor410
67.stranger in my own house378
68.that was yesterday382
69.the beat of my heart369
70.the damage is done439
71.the modern day352
72.tooth and nail375
74.two different worlds333
75.under the gun416
76.until the end of time380
77.unusual heat351
79.waiting for a girl like you477
80.when the night comes down456
81.white lie396
82.with heaven on our side410
83.woman in black359
84.woman oh woman mjones431
86.youre all i am576
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