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you was wrong ark sz

t-s nigga
yall dont know?

aiyyo its on, i see how niggas didnt learn
you is wrong, thought the fire didnt burn
its on, me and pun aint from the bronx
yous wrong, nigga we can get it on

aiyyo, guns we toss em, and bodies we auction
to his family we tell em he owed us a fortune
gimme forty-thou, you can have yo child, you dont know
what i had to go through, to clap this clown, check my background
the last nigga to see you bleed, the last nigga to see you breath
the last nigga you wish you shoulda believed
and drag move quick, blend right into a wall like a brick
the only thing you see before i blow off ya shit is my wrist
cuz my hand the gun is covered in
not this range, when i pump this pistol, its very rare i miss it
damn it on ya lips
yall keep talkin like yall teflon with no weap-ons
nigga im pumpin my four, i aint throwin no more
nowadays niggas run upstairs, open they drawer
my circumstance, you aint got that chance mines in my draw, you get it?
thats means yall walks for two dicks, so dont be stupid
and make me use one unless you?that bitch?

[big pun]
aiyyo its one, you thought i was wack
you was wrong, album double plat
yo its on, stop talkin shit
you was wrong, get off my dick

how dare you doubt on the???, big pun the undoubtable
the only rapper thatll pull out a gun and slap the shit outta you
you cant tell me nothin, ill clonk you and stomp out ya belly button
im too violent for this rap shit, i should be out somehwere killin somthin
too quick to blast, some niggas talk shit and dash
but i really will kick your ass
juggernaut, i dont care if you a thug or not
ill get jamaican on ya ass, boy, with the bambaclad
on your mark get ready, run, im sparkin everyone
the one get locked stand back and watch where you from
how dare you come and try to shit where i eat
fuck you nigga, literally
dick in your cheeks, you rich in the street
but im still gon hit chall niggas
because up north you be tossin salads with maple syrup
i know you hate to hear it, but everybody know this one
why you always gotta be right nigga, why cant you ever be wrong

[fat joe]
now its on, from the bronx where its at
you was wrong, me and pun brought it back
now its on, stay on with the gat
you was wrong, its the don, joey crack

who the fuck want beef with joe crack
make your body fold back
lift his soul with the chrome mack
i dont chat on the phone, cuz the phone tapped
you heard theres money on the block we control that
i got the work in the pot where that stove at
cook it up til its wack, get my dough back
you niggas so wack, tryina compete
i blind you with heat, im the reason crime on the street
i die for my peeps, keep an open eye when i sleep
let you slide when i coulda put five in your jeep
whos liver than me? i aint know you really want it
im like christ, niggas beg for they life when they see me comin
aint nodoby gonna stop my shine, you outcho mind
dont make me have to cock my nine, pop ya spine
neva did believe in the dons
since ninety-two ive been proving that yall niggas was wrong

[remi martin]
aiyyo, its on, though id stay on the block
you was wrong, now remi on the rock
so its on, thought i wasnt gonna drop
you was wrong, i was right all along

i told these niggas, that i was the sickest bitch
and everytime you spit, ima spit some sicker shit
ridicoulous, i reminise when i blaze the track
tight shit, make a nigga wanna play ya back
im hatin that, but ima make em all believers
fuck hot, ima come and straight drop a fever
cop a heater, turn around and pop your leader
and for the followers, ima leave their heads hollower
make your wig twisted as if i was oliver
layin in a hospital, hooked up the monitors
thats for the game, yall lames just came to first
cuz i aint neva heard a bitch straight flame a verse
i blame the church, how god let you lie like that
who scribed you for, cuz you aint neva rhymed like that
how the fuck you gon tell me that chick is tight
she aint aight cuz she dont write, you wrong

yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaah baby


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