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you aint a killer ark sz

[big punisher]
ready for war joe, how you wanna blow they spot
i know these dirty cops thatll get us in if we murder some wop
hop in your hummer, the punishers ready; meet me at beatles
with noodles, well do this dude while hes slurpin spaghetti
everybody kiss the fuckin floor, joey crack, buck em all
if they move, noodles shoot that fuckin whore
dead in the middle of little italy little did we know
that we riddled some middleman who didnt do diddily

[fat joe]
itll be a cold day in hell the day ill take an l
make no mistake for real i wouldnt hesitate to kill
im still the fat one that you love to hate, catch you at your mothers wake
smack you then i wack you with my snub trey-eight

[big punisher]
i rub your face off the earth and curse your family children
like amityville drill the nerves in your cavity fillin
insanitys building up pavillion in my civilian
the cannon be the anarchy that humanitys dealing
a villain without remorse, whos willing to out your boss
forever and take all the cheddar like child support

[fat joe]
i support pun in anything he does, anything he loves
my brother from another mother sent from the above
a thug nigga just like me, one of the best -- might be
even better leavin niggaz kneelin on they right knee

[big punisher]
spike lee couldnt paint a better picture
you small change, im blowin out your brains gettin richer

[fat joe]
hit you with the mac (mac), smack your bitch, nigga what?
you gettin stuck, my trigger fingers itchy as a fuck!

[big punisher]
trunk jewels (jewels), cruisin in the land, pumpin cash rules
last crew to want it caught a hundred tryin to pass through

[fat joe]
thats true, so who the next to get it?
ts is the best that did it (get it off your chest kid admit it)

chorus: pun, joe

[pun] and its
[joe] here, and you dont stop!
[pun] twenty shot glock with the cop killer fill em to the top
[joe] yeah, and you dont stop!
[pun] joey cracks the rock, and big pun keeps the guns cocked
[joe] yeah, and you dont stop!
[pun] well make it hot nigga, what bring it i blow your whole spot
[joe] yeah, and you dont stop!
[pun] its still one-eight-seven on an undercover cop!

[big punisher]
fuck the po-lice, i squeeze first, make em eat dirt
take em feet first through the morgue, then launch em in the t-bird
the streets cursed, the first amendments culturally biased
supposed to supply us with rights, tonight i hold my rosary
tight as i can, im one man against the world, just me and my girl
black pearl athena my sena who keeps it real
you know the deal, we steal from the rich and keep it
peep it its no secret, watch me and joe go back and forth and freak it

[fat joe]
creep with me, as i cruise in my beemer
all the kids in the ghetto call me don cartagena
kickin ass as i blast off heat, and
you never see me talk to police, so
you should know that i really dont care
pull you by the hair, slit your throat, and ill leave you right there
so beware its rare that niggaz want beef, big pun speak
and let these motherfuckers know how we run the streets

[big punisher]
fuck peace, i run the streets deep with no compassion, puerto ricans
known for slashin catchin niggaz while they sleepin, no relaxin
keep your eyes open, sharp reflexes
three techses in the jeep lexus just in case police ask us
street professors, terror squad, ghetto scholars
fill the clips off, inflicts the fear of god when the metal hollers
better acknowledge or get knocked down until im locked and shot down
heather b couldnt make me put my glock down

[fat joe]
we lock towns like rounds in the chamber
boogie down major like nine, i bust mine
everytime plus im the crime boss of new york
when we talk to walk the walk all my niggaz carry chalk
and stalk, i prey like the predator, whoever want it
go and get it set it baby and ima bury ya
so remember the squad that im reppin
i pull a clip for my weapon and punish niggaz till its armaggedeon

chorus 2x (to fade)


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