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we dont care ark sz

[cuban link]
yeah, the foundation, l.g.p.
latins goin platinum baby!
yeah yeah, yeah..
uhh, year 2000
terror squadians (terror squad)
we rock the party and (you wont like me when im angry)
(i guarantee you, you wont like me when im angry)
yeah, yeah, yeah.. terror squadians
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (uhh, yeah)
we rock the party and..

yeah! i tear the club up, pull up in the hummer with pun
my fuckin brother, makin motherfuckers run for cover
the number runner son, im nothin but a hustler
burnin rubber with drugs, stuffed up in the muffler
shut the fuck up! bust a slug through your jugular
plus suckers get fucked up with golf clubs, never front on us
t.s. baby, straight out the b.x. baby
so if they b.s., we deeper than the u.s. navy
you aint crazy - laid up in the club like what?
with all the ladies - showin us nothin but love
guzzlin 80 - proof to truth, straight to the gut
in a mercedes - coupe fucked up doin a buck
if jakes chase me - im cuttin off trucks, pressin my luck
its all gravy - puffin the blunt, blazin it up
maybe you hate me - cause your baby moms on my nuts
she wanna rape me - just because im sexy as fuck
so nigga what?

chorus: pun and cuban link

[pun] tear the club up!
[link] cause we dont care
[pun] erybody strip
[link] yeah we dont care
[pun] shoot the place up!
[link] yeah we dont care (nuh-ah)
we dont care (nuh-ah!)
we dont care!! (nahhhahh!)
[link] yeah we dont care
[pun] t. squaders
[link] yes, yeah we dont care
[pun] fuck you nigga!
[link] nah we dont care (nuh-ah)
we dont care (nuh-ah!)
we dont care!! (nahhhahh!)

[big punisher]
yo, im livin in mansions, give me the spanish props
i got to have it
loadin and bustin a mac, did shit in the past
was?? a fourth of they asses
duck when the mac hits or be dead before your body falls
cause when my shotty roars we ignore guiliani laws
my trigger got no heart nigga, im blowin apart liver
and holdin the glocks, call to the cops, im blowin the spot
baby better head for the hills, my niggaz wild for the night
my lead ready to peel this shit really real
my clip fillity fill your chick with a chill
my dick quick to kill, we fittin to ill
no survivors,?? godivas or roses and flowers
sour the grapes for those opposin the squaders
dont????, like funky pajamas, word to my junkie mama
ima keep it funky for homies livin tomorrow
you fuckin with scholars, street knowledge
carter kids stuck to the projects
go ahead keep checkin that mall
and me and cuban gon keep doublin our chips
keep talkin that dumb shit like you want it
yeah when are you gonna buck shit
??????,??? this mug shit


[cuban link]
big punisher..
cuban link..
terror squad..
yall wanna party? gon party our way..
anything goes..
the code of the streets, what what?..


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