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[funkmaster flex]
yeah baby, you know how we get down
funkmaster flex, number one station in the nation
my man big pun up in this piece

[big punisher]
big motherfuckin pun in the house

[funkmaster flex]
pun easy, pun..

[big punisher]
cmon now its me baby, from the bronx, cmon

[funkmaster flex]
you right, you right, fuck it

[big punisher]
ahh, there we go

[funkmaster flex]
so, i mean, since we on the, pun man, i mean
ima be honest with you, i mean, yknow
i know we discussed a lot of things tonight

[big punisher]
tell me you remembered the joints right? say it

[funkmaster flex]
pun i, i heard you are really, really fuckin
i mean..

[big punisher]
yeah! -both crack up laughing-
no doubt!

[funkmaster flex]
i mean pun, i mean, yknow i mean
im hearin, im hearin you
im hearin, im hearin you doin your thing

[big punisher]
im tryin yall
im tryin man yknow

[funkmaster flex]
ya ya crushin a lot?
im hearin ya, ya know those, those rumors

[big punisher]
get it off your chest, what you got to say?

[funkmaster flex]
im hearin these rumors man, those rumors is..

[big punisher]
a lot of pussy right?
-flex cracks up-
tell me the rumors, cmon -flex still laughing-
that we the best, what is it?
-flex laughing- cmon
terror squad got ten million dollar, uh, advance coming?
what is it?

[funkmaster flex]
im im, im hearin im hearin the girls man
i mean, theres a lot

[big punisher]
the women they love me
they love me, they love me
biggie gave me a couple of pointers yaknowhatimsayin?
i gotta use that man, gotta use that, they love that
see you know a few pointers, yaknowhatimsayin?
im sayin give it to me and tell me what puffs crew already knew
were utilizing that

[funkmaster flex]
im im, im hearin you
im hearin the, aff aff, you know
that like, a few girls and hearin some more, some stories
of orgies with terror squad

[big punisher]
we get, we get down
we run trizznain
say trizznain

[funkmaster flex]

[big punisher]
trizznain, we run trizznain

[funkmaster flex]

[big punisher]
trizz nathaniel to you

[funkmaster flex]
im hearin, i mean, im im hearin
you and joe are out at, yknow, out there fuckin

[big punisher]
we do our thing
we were like, two fuckin wild bears, just
-flex cracks up get out of here!-.. in the woods, naked
its a sight, its a sight
-flex crackin up-
son you cant look directly at our asses
youd go blind -flex crackin up-
but if you glimpse look yknow, you can catch us

[funkmaster flex]
i cant fuckin take it! -gasping for air-

[big punisher]
sent out to tracy
-flex laughing and howling-
easy.. you have to run trizz with us one time
then youd know

[funkmaster flex] -in a high pitched voice-
i cant fuck with you! ohh shit!
ohhhahaha, yo..


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