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top of the world remix ark sz

- originally on brandys "have you ever" 12"

yo i dont think theyre ready for this one
another darkchild remix
brandy, rj, big pun, fat joe, terror squad
come on

[big pun]
hear the truth shorty
with my fruit punch and my forty
sweeter than candy, brandys the only one for me
you get it up
its only the middle of the week
but when you called joe and pun
you kept it real with the streets
thats the true honor
not the jewels or garbana
any fool cant accomplish just a few hundred dollars
thats paper thin, i got my mamma out the apron
im loyal to her from eight to ten
make way for the twin

[fat joe](brandy)
who the twins that be making it hot
(say what?)
number one on you billboard charts
showing love to them thugs who be holding the blocks
and we be tearing up the club like the three six mob
joey crack baby, aint no time to react lazy
brandy gave us a call and our tracks gravy
perhaps maybe we can ball with this
and all get rich, i aint only talking ish!

some people say that i am not the same girl
they think that i am in my own world
what makes them think that i have changed, yeah
a little dough can not erase my problems
me, like you, i have to try and solve them
yes everything is quite the same

1 - [brandy]
sitting on top the world
sitting on top, no thats not so
everybody changes, let it go
sitting on top the world
im just one girl trying to live my life
but someone telling me what i like

back in the days...when i was young
im not a kid anymore
but some days i sit and wish i was a kid again

i wonder why its often said that my lifes
a fairy tale and everything is so right
i wish that you could know the truth, yeah
my life is real so please dont get it twisted
problems the same and got to be dealt with
these are the things i wish you knew, ooh yeah

repeat 1

[fat joe]
ever since you wanted to be down
i wanted to put you on
but you aint come around
had no time for the don
sixteen on the block
the latest phenomenon
number one with a bullett
and your own sitcom
brandy hand me one of the platinum hits
people talk but they dont know the half of it
well the fact this is, were in the worst business
and anything you have you deserve it miss

[big pun]
encima del mundo
follow the squad we never segundo
tell el mundo, telling vatos of every remover
word chula we packing men like lollapalooza
from here to havana, cuba then puerto rico en scooter
getting mula
sitting on top of the world like a buddha
who the first latin to go platinum without the basura
big pun the caputera with cheddar
never settle for second best cause im primera, which forever

repeat 1 till end


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