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punish me ark sz

[big punisher]
i was the luckiest man on earth, my wisdom was worth
any purse but had a curse that hurt worse than givin birth
my first verse explains some of the game she was playin
im blamin myself cause in my wealth was her pain would haven
behavin like a money hungry hooker, funny how the money took her
from a average honey to a stunning looker
i look back and reminsce how we used to kiss
and smash hips in the gs i bought her last christ
she got too big for her britches but the britch is over
not the one in queens i mean the one she dreamin wasnt sober
told her how i felt, gassed me when she cried for help
supplied the guilt trip and i was whipped without a fuckin belt
i felt stupid cupid struck me with a poison arrow
shoulda drowned ya when i found ya crushin in my boys camaro
i didnt bother but you probably find your lover dead
you robbed me of my honor, you aint shit like my mother said

chorus: miss jones

come back come back come back come back to meeeee, punisher
punish me... ahhhhhhhiiive been so bad, so bad
wont you come back?

[big punisher]
nah baby, im not gon be able to do it; you blew it
threw it all the way cause you was stupid -- girl whyd you do it?
i mighta knew it by the way you gave me your baby
then left a day before i ever saw the son that god made me
its hard maybe we can make amends, be friends
but were only hurtin all of us for certain by forsakin him
just take it in, dont even say a word, observe
the way you were, preserved, these words so you wont play the herb
ever again, never pretend that he doesnt have a father
im always there and you dont wanna bother
i honor my word on my fathers grave, guide him through his hardest age
so he can thrive and survive in these modern days
i wanna raise my little man but you keep resistin
im insistin you chill for real before you come up missin
listen, i dont wanna fight id rather do whats right
a boy needs a father thats the most important part of his life

chorus 2x

[big punisher]
i gave you everything, love letters and sweaters with leather seams
feathered wings, and rings with emeralds right out of geraldines
simple dreams a dream fulfilled, the green deville cadillac
to mack, not a fact?redeemed to build?
i mean for real i can play it mami how you wanna stay
at monty frask, givin the next nigga my punani
you want me back cause he hit it wrong, now you wanna get it on
with the long don, word bond my shit is strong (come back)
girl dont even start again, i beg your pardon
and get your hands off my six button cardigan
this aint no love lost between us far as im concerned
please leave, cut that busted weave ive been dyin to burn
go buy a perm, try and earn some respect
its better to have loved and lost than live with regret

[miss jones]
come back... to, me
i want you to

chorus 2x

to me, yeah yeah
alright, dont go, no
ohhhhhahahaooahhoahhohhh, hmmmmmm ohh hmmm hmm
yeahhhhhhhhh, take my hand, and punish me
hmm, been so bad, come punish me, yeahh
take my hand, and punish me, ohhh
been so bad, come punish me...


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