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new york giants ark sz

yeah yeah.. uhh, uh-huh..
(oh shit!) hehehe.. (ohhh shit!!)

cmon (yeah yeah) cmon!!
uhh, yeah, this is the motherfuckin uncut
long time comin, ya heard?
m.o.p. (cmon, uhh) big motherfuckin punisher
[pun] whatcha gon do?
uhh.. terror squad (yeah)
bronx.. brook-lawn collabo
[pun] yo, yo, yo..
ya heard me?

[big punisher]
this is for my twenty-five to life bidders, pork fried rice eaters
new york, new york - ice rockin tight wifebeaters
we the truth - dont let yo dead body be the proof
leave your wisdom rottin with holes - and i dont mean ya tooth
im hundred proof, thats perfect percentage
since birth i inherit the gift to spit a verse that refers to ya parent
the spirits born, here to bring light to the dawn
made right where you starrin from night to the mornin
plus the light that give light to muhammad
or christ how you want it i got what you need
from god to the streets, cmon motherfucker you talkin to me
big pun!! the papichulo out to screw you
????, hunchback, like quasimoto

chorus: big punisher, m.o.p.

[pun] set off the sirens
[mop] form the alliance
[pun] south bronx, brook-lawn nigga
[mop] new york giants (cmon!)
[fame] leave em brainless
[danz] hit em with the stainless
[fame] its the..
"worlds.. worlds.. worlds famous!"
[pun] cmon - violence!
[mop] form the alliance
[pun] south bronx, brook-lawn pa-pa
[mop] new york giants
[fame] leave em brainless
[danz] hit em with the stainless
[fame] its the..
"worlds.. worlds.. worlds famous!"

[big punisher]
i bring death to your front door like an escort from hell
or ring the bell like you wanna just talk, and just - rock your world
like?? believe me, my squad get busy if you try to diss me
cock the glizzy give you one back word to pac and biggie
cause my commitee aint only known for the flowin
put they holes in your colon send you rollin like when youre bowlin
a perfect strike - let me show yall niggaz what i learned from ike
i hurt your wife - put the trife ass in the earth aight?
im shootin at you - and thats off the top like supernatural
???? turn his moves to statue like medusa was lookin at you
clap you with your own heat - by all means
if this was l.a., id be a motherfuckin o.g.

chorus (first 1/2)

[pun] violence
[mop] form the alliance
[pun] b.x.
[mop] violence
[pun] b.k.
[mop] violence

[lil fame]
i breaks the world off with a bang (bang!)
"how about some.." fuck that! look nigga, you know the name
its the one slash, seven one eight, slash
m dot o dot p dot, first family dot
boogie down, brooklyn (damn you)
step the fuck back, before i get big pun to earth-slam you
i rep for my cellblock niggaz
and cats from puerto rico, uptown screamin out, "perrico!"
yep, this nigga strike, ive survived mad nigga fights
lil fame, insane brain, to fill your gigabytes
merc out on machines with loud pipes
niggabytes, six-double-ohs, and?? bikes

[billy danzini]
you want seven one eight terror (squad), william (danze)
first (fam).. easy soldier!
im not a killer, i just pop a lot
grew up in brownsville, in a brownstone, by a vacant lot
seance got - my mind, my body, and my - souullllllll
ohh! i dont blame you - you switched your gameplan
when you found out your main man was named danze
nigga - im filled with anger!
you fuckin with a hooded soldier, code red your life is in danger
(first family style) all the way out
bang (bang) bang (bang) til your brains hang out


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