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my turn ark sz

[big punisher]
uhh.. psssh.. its my turn, yknahmean?
get this motherfuckin money yknow?
yeah i went double, yknow?
niggaz goin triple.. five.. ten platinum
cant do what i do
this is my game, this is me..
(t. squaders) yknow?

chorus: big punisher

yo its my turn, i demand my respect
give me my burn, or get slammed in your neck
cause its my turn, ima reach to the top
gimme my burn, ima speak with the glock
cause its my turn, dont make me turn your wig
gimme my burn, dont make me burn yo crib
ima rhyme it right, and keep the ghetto in a trance
but when the time is right, me and the devil gon dance

[big punisher]
fuck you and yours; make way - im comin through the door
and screw the law - breakin the rules aint nothin new at all
im true to all the shit that i done, check the clip in my gun
respect the click that im from, or get lifted and stunned
dunn, you just a small fry, fuckin with the fall guy
big pun, the honorable, all rise
skys the limit, nuttin less if my guys is in it
for the right price, even christ could get it
fast life we live it - all my memories are vivid
i remember only minutes
thats how i mentally get rid of all the enemies
the spirits that definitely mimic my every melody
and lyric which so heavenly rhythmic
in magic do i build, but math do be equally compatible
and secretively battle you to reach my peak in equilateral
im from the streets deep in the bottom yo aint no mario brothers
official bronx niggaz, quick to body yo mother (ouch)


[big punisher]
jesus h. christ, how many times i gotta pay the price?
you scared to death ill make you twice as afraid of life
i bring sight to the game for every night you complained
you couldnt see the light - i was bright in your brain
ignitin the flame, keepin your third lid
speak and observe with the mind
what are blind sleep til they worth shit
im earth wind and fire, the first one to fire
reppin t. squad since birth til i retire
i wire your jaw, wire the walls with plastique explosives
and riot the halls at the malls where all the crackers? live
keep flappin yo gibs and ima come back with those kids
from the back of the bridge
i think two and touch means tackle the bitch
i rap for the chips, but im truly assassin
four hundred pounds, six feet tall, brutally handsome
thats the pro - got beef with pun, you gots to go
mafia style - tear you a new ass-a-hole
flash your dough, but you too cool for the captain
cause i dont give a fuck if i was quadruply platinum
and to the 50 cent rapper, very funny, get your nut off
cause in real life, you dont know
ill blow your motherfuckin head off (ooh yeah)

thats my motherfuckin word, you understand?
thought we was a fuckin joke? shit
terror squad nigga, you dont know me
you dont know my name, dont say it, you understand?
told you before i aint no motherfuckin rapper understand?
shit, i dont make no songs about rappers i dont like
if ima make a song,
its gon be how i beat yo motherfuckin ass understand?
thatll be the name of the motherfucker
"thats why i had to beat your motherfuckin ass"
featuring tony sunshine
t. squaders, t. squaders, t. squaders



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