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livin la vida loca trackmasters remix ark sz

[big punisher]
yeah baby
there aint nothing better
you know you like it like that
check it out yo, yo

she had it goin on, red bone, fresh out of bayamon
in the calle long, dona ana throwin at her corazon
i should of know she was a cachatera
always watching novelas with her abuela
gossiping that bonchinchera
thought that she was better
cause she was pure boricuan
i was new yorican, the bronx
pledging my true allegiance
but now youre leaving me
see i lost out before
see you in my next life, adios mi amor
mi amor

shes into superstitions
black cats and voodoo dolls
i feel a premonition
that girls gonna make me fall

shell make you take your clothes off
going dancing in the rain
shell make you live her crazy life
the girl will drive you right insane

2 - [ricky]
upside, inside out
shes livin la vida loca
shell push and pull you down
livin la vida loca
her lips are devil red
and her skins the color of mocha
she will wear you out
livin la vida loca

woke up in new york city
in a funky, cheap hotel
she took my heart and she took my money
she must have slip me a sleeping pill

she never drinks the water
makes you order french champagne
once youve had a taste of her
youre guaranteed to go insane

repeat 2 (2x)

[cuban link]
yo, yo joe the first day i saw her face
she had me walking in space
wanting to say something
but i was frozen, stuck in one place
i aint fronting seis she was more amazing in grace
the type of face you pay to say everyday upon the stage

[fat joe]
i met her at a rave
back in the days
we could of got engaged
shortys body was tight
have many that ask her aids
masquerades and mardi gras
she likes to play menage et tois
lost it all
but thats the way the hottie was

repeat 2

oh, shell push and pull you down
her lips are a devils red
she will wear you out
(livin la vida loca)
oh, oh yeah
lips of devils red
she will wear you out
(livin la vida loca)


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