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laughing at you ark sz

[tony sunshine]
ha ha ha
do you see me now
you remember me the guy from the back of the class
that used to where the glasses the one you
used to laugh at look at me now brother do u like fruit
well im chewin your girls nipples
how do you like them apples asshole

chorus: tony sunshine

im laughing at you
im laughing at you now you told me i was ugly
i was scared to crack a smile
pun: ha ha ha ha ha
im laughing at you now
pun ha ha ha ha ha
im laughing at you

600 benz 20 inch rims house on the hill hittin mad skin
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
it was all a scheme i used to load the teck with the magazine
so i was mean but i still had a scheme
17 years young everything seemed fun
still considered a veteran cause i feared none
puns from the street where there aint no rules
but carried heat cause he aint no fool
aint no wrong for dollars in negative digits
so debted followers and got rid of the quitters
that never forget us cause weve been down since the
genesis 200 horse power to 400 pegasus
the messages dont sleep till its over
next thing you know shorty seven feet
tippin over im still in the water drownin
knights and murder till the immortal terror squad
threw me a life preserver now im ice forever
stomach bustin out the white carrera
life is better now niggas wanna rhyme together
ay que sera! what can i do but take you to strive
ay que hago! i hope the streets dont take me alive
you wasted your life and refused the struggle while
i aim for the sky pay dues and bubbles i win!


now its not funny cause im hot and got a pot of money
alot of hunnies around (dont stop do the brown for me)
my every wish is her command call her bitch she understands
i reminisce how she used to dis me and my man
check part of the plan she told my son i wasnt the man
i aint gonna to stop till i got a heart in my hand
i can silence the lamb but couldnt silence her cause
she was as wild as a man with a bottle of liquor
im not going to hit her im gonna debt her tonight
double platinum now shes one in the tribe well in the ride now
well in a fly gettin high now no more whiteout send the cubans
to provide now its my world i demand my respect
give me your girl or get slapped in your neck
aint nothin change im still humble and modest
and im always proud to admit i came straight from the projects
hardy har har har

[tony sunshine]
dont you forget about me now
dont you forget about me now
dont(4x) naw
nah nah nah nah....
nah nah nah nah....
nah nah nah nah.....nah nah nah nah
(-repeat 2x-)

[tony sunshine]
dont you forget about me now
i said dont..dont...dont...dont



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