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southern dialect ark sz

these niggas aint feelin us

its the best kept secret, baby

down south
we got women on the beach
swerve on streets
players ridin drop
and the flips wont stop

[verse 1]
now tell me what yall know about a player like me comin through steppin
im wreckin, new orleanan, and in 1984 turned texan
lyrically flexin i made a name for myself
gained love, not in clubs, on streets, and i dealt
with these playa-hatas out here among us in the game
i had to pass em by cause it really wasnt my thing
now dont you wanna scream it like you mean it
to them fools who said i couldnt do it
the ones that said that if i left the group, then id be ruined
keep on doin what youre doin
thats what my conscience said, use your head, and youll win
cause them haters who i thought was my partners, wasnt really my niggas
they reneged, they couldnt stand to see me get big in the business
thats why they player-hated me
talkin my business to them broads like we related, gee?
it never faded me cause i know where my head is at
know where im headed at, thats why i keep on makin...

now the deeper the root
the bigger the square of the loot
when people think of the bomb shit, they think of the boon, fool
im speakin the truth, partner, seek and youll find
southern dialect, im regulatin, thats how i gets down for mine

[verse 2]
its on to the break of dawn
so why should i stop kickin these fly-ass rhymes
thats puttin these knots in my pocket? im
about to rock until i cant no mo
im takin this here all the way to the bank for dough
cause yall know, as long as players turn into rappers
and rappers turn into actors, all these broadsll be gettin atcha
now which non-believin mc wanna see what time it is?
the rhymin wizards about to show you haters what southern rhymin is
im bombin kids, i show no mercy on a braveheart
put it down in 94, and never gave thought
caught every???, every ass, checks got cashed
fools got slung like the trash, i mash
>from the scene, never seen by no witnesses
partner, dont try to play dumb, look, you know what this is
quit the biz cause yall aint ready for the outcome
no doubt, son, im from the south, and never lost a bout, son


[verse 3]
now, dont step, or youll get ruined, mayn
i got you trippin on the way a soldiers like me over here doin things
you knew the game, but you blew it again
now the head honcho is back, so non-believers, hand over your ring
give it up or get broken down
its goin down now, mike dean supplied the potent sound
so now you know its a southern thing
im handlin things, i bust a rhyme and do damage to any man you bring
im serious, i told you that way back in 94
they wanna flow, it aint no thing, just let the record go
didnt you know i bust from southwest to southeast?
blessed by the best with this platinum-plated mouthpiece
so i give thanks, then its off to the bank
protected by forces unseen, so i aint gettin ganked
as for the fakers and the haters
small things aint nothin to a player
im all about my paper
i stacks my chips and then i break
gather up my crew to mike-a-nize, then we go and rock another state
forget what another say, im backed up by my actions
produce a dope hit, make a lick, and leave em askin
who is big mike? and like that im back atcha
partner, handle your businesss, i aint mad atcha
million dollar lyrics i compose leave a pattern for quality stature



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