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playa playa ark sz

whats happening mister big man with all your money and cars
i see you walking around like yous a motherfucking star
expensive clothes high class hoes
right now youre on top of the world i suppose
claiming that youre macking but i know that you aint
the only time you can pull a hoe is when you [pulling] out your bank
taking [on] my [wine] and my gang and shit
so you can get your dick wet mister slick
but after all that yo you still cant keep her
cos a nigga likes myself can come along and sweep her
and have her screaming oh big mike
nigga you slanging them dollars but you aint slanging that dick
why now you know i [???] your hoe so now you run and get your pistol
madder than a bitch screaming that i dissed you
but nigga i aint diss you you know the story joe
dont check the motherfucking pimp check the hoe

now babys playing for your money youre playing her for her drawers
she takes your money brings it to me im playing both of yall
whos the mack whos the motherfucking pimp
whos the motherfucking man and whos the motherfucking simp
it aint me cos i aint giving up a penny
steady fucking her while you be giving up plenty
now nigga tell the truth i aint a dunce
out of the six times i fucked her you might have fucker her once
and after you caught a nut you had to get up prime time
and take her to the nearest store so she could spend your dough
every time you fucked her you got to pay a fee
and oh yeah thanks for getting her hair done for me g
it looked good when she came over the other day
sucking on my dick all i could see was her hair anyway
remember that shirt that she bought you on your birthday
i got two of those and pair of pants and shoes on the first day

huh im just a playa yall

now every time you see her you want to grab her butt
and act like you love her but she dont give a fuck
dont want to meet your friends dont to drive your benz
just want to get your ends and then shes gone again uh
flipping on a mission with another nigga you know
even though you try your hardest you cant figure this so
seen it before but you still laying down for the tramp
gave you some pussy got you sprung and then she just up and [vamp]
now tell me what that be like
bought her some shit to wear [???] for her hair she with me right
face it nigga thats the way you made her
the bitch that she is to day but me im a playa


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