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[big mike]
lets lock it up whut,whut
hit the street nigga

i been watching these gotti niggaz for while now
i like they style and i like they style now
i like the way they travel close like a family,huh
tightly knitted, well-known band of gs
im for that cheese
i did a couple of jobs for em, some mob shit i kill a ride for
lied for em, in the process i made some paper stacks
wanted to chill but was a lil to late for that
on the real they say they like the way i twirk it
flat book style made dollars coming from dirt quick
gold tooth smile, they had a vacancy in the outfit
were these the type of cats i wanna be down with
dont fuck around with it
something was kinda telling me,
but it seems curiousity got the best of me
slip through the seams, cuz cream im one of the paid men
remember the days when i was nuthin but a slave then
some niggaz came in the days when
between them all, i balled and always stayed pen
tried not to fall on my toes i had to stay partner
cuz when you fall is when these muthafuckin snakes gotcha
right or wrong, now is it wrong for me to roll this way
is it for me to put paper away for colder days
what would say, cold ass questions i had to ask myself
wasnt trying to give way to soul just to have some wealth
my cause advanced thats how they came to me
temptation all through my life had me claiming shit
now blaming me for misleading the younger heads
wondering if i might be out there on the run from feds
who else be dead, hard to say partner to many faces
keep ballin outta town, in unfamiliar places
im starting to hate this shit i thought i once loved to death
i thought id be around to day when there was nuthin
looking all sad at times just might be the death of me, huh
outta line will niggaz have respect for me
like mike b had??? adreneline, to main from northline
my niggaz cut in short time
niggaz who been down for figures i promised
take a wheel took me around all these unfamiliar streets
blowin sweets,huh gazing a thiefs, black laquer flows
lavish ass bus sitting just for tours, cash for???
muthafuckas telling me that the world is yours
at the time i couldnt figure if these niggaz hearts were pure
were they fuckin with me mentally or was it my destiny
that this click right here just happen to be meant for me
if they had love would it show itself it due time
crystal camera sorted like a shoe shine
new era, new ideas bout to come to life
but is the right year what really was instore for mike
which way shall roll take left or move another right
will i find happiness or will i meet my death tonight
if my guess is right i might just fall right in between
a better team, a better scene and piece of this niggaz green
??? gleam tell the stories of my past worries
reminise on soldier tales of no nuts no glory
whats really forme decisions, decisions
when all i wanted was a mission of peace
security from these cold ass streets woes me
a simple matter though its complicated
niggaz who i once thought were friends yet in my mind most hated
graduated status, afraid men, never paid men
never been in the company of made men

hook 2x:
afraid men
never been in the company of paid men
muthafuckin made men nigga


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