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everybody wants a name ark sz

[verse 1]
my lil partner be talkin about its been approximately
five years and four months from the day
that all these niggas done came up around his way, what can he say
you can ask shelley, and even shell say (hey)
these niggas be callin themselves big shots ever since he been away
even dante got a little size upon his chest
maybe its from the reinforced teflon vest
but nevertheless, he takes it all in stride
talkin about (these niggas got theirs, its only right that i gets mine)
nah, dont go near them niggas, son, you might get shot
believe me when i tell you: things aint the same on the block
they got glocks and shit done changed
for a buck and some change
they might blow out your muthafuckin brains
these niggas aint thinkin when theyre tryin to get a piece
the only peace you better get is of mind
and stay your ass inside
wide eyes actin sheif and shitty
for attention hoe-ass niggasll have a mortician ready to fit me
for a suit and casket, its gettin drastic
my nigga got hit in his shit, some say he was askin
for trouble, true, and he found it with a.44 mag
they took him out in his jag (yo man went out bad)
such a sad, sad song if you ask me
blood on his t-shirt and khakis, brain in the back seats
(goddamn) thats exactly what i said
but now my niggas dead behind that fast life that he led
shedded some tears, but they all got wiped away
i love my nigga, i put his name on my license plate
i live my life this way cause that wayll get a nigga stank
no more smokin dank on suicide quests for bank
i puts it down on tape and reap the benefits
like the smart niggas who grew up and quit that shit
life is precious, cherish it while you have it
its enough loot to go around for everybody to live lavish

everybody wants a name
everybody wants the fame
people playin suicide games
tell me whos to blame
for all the pain and things
that we cant explain

[verse 2]
partner, its cold outside, and the temperatures steady droppin
but these niggas aint stoppin as long as drugs sales are poppin
they clockin a grand a day, muthafuck what the man will say
villains kidnappin to kill a nigga, and they plans to stay
so when i sleep, i sleep with one eye closed
cos the fellas aint the only ones schemin, even fly hoes
i knows this, i seen it all in their fangs
i stay alert cause muthafuckas do dirt with half a chance
and i plans to be around, not six feet in the ground
kickin back with other blacks enjoyin the sound
of our kids comin up in a similar fashion
makin it happen, gettin theirs without askin
until then i keep on rollin with the punches
collectin dough in bunches, layin my head on plush shit
a hunch kid,ll get your ass a long stay
but a little bit of faithll carry a nigga a long way


[verse 3]
now, show me a man who aint afraid to die, and i show you five
choose a rule, so partner, choose your side
recognize with your own eyes this aint no false statement
im from new orleans, where bullshit aint shakin
you gots to qualify, be down to die
these punk-ass niggas around my way thinkin they hard made it hot outside
you got your pride, i got my love
im too swift with the gift, you find no blood on my black glove
now im above all that chitter-chatter
but a year ago you was about to throw a blow, now tell me whats the matter
collect the data, i had a year to put this out
i got one more bomb in my palm, now bet i miss your house
now is you is or is you aint?
ready to put your goddamn life on the line for that bank
you better think, but partner dont think too long
my people stay strong, we know where we belong



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