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better now ark sz

{big mike:}
its been a 8 year spread and 4 baby mamas
still aint found no wife, all i found was drama
past dwellin, was it that or was it just us?
love, was it that or was it just lust?
fucked once, made love about a thousand times
bought a crib, and all you could say was that the bitch was mine
selfish thoughts, knew you was lookin for a backdo
think im kickin bullshit? im kickin fact, hoe
fell for a pretty face, thick hips and bitty waist
spent my time with you and all it gave me was a shitty taste
played a game of chase from my town to yo hood
runnin back and forward thinkin it was all good
i shoulda left you there, pretty face and sandy hair
gave you the world and couldnt recognize a man that cared
dick sucks with intentions just to get me sprung
was it a game when you laid there swallowed my cum?
i was something dumb thinkin you were there for me
played the game with both of my hands and never cared for me
but everybody plays the fool once or twice
all it did was make me stronger, bitch, aint nothin nice

its better that i find out now, rather than later
its better that i make a clean break with all my paper
its better that i find another chick to take your place
its best that you get your bitch-ass up out my face

{mc breed:}
met her when she was 19, brand-new
and she only went out in tight jeans, and could dance too
burgers and fries, bout 30 lives, told to her
game, sold to her, plus everybody knew her
what the business? except i got kids for a witness
and you let her make a come-up like survival of the fittest
you a sucker for a pretty face, smile and a pussy
you a clown runnin round actin wild like a rookie
i know you know she got somebody else on the side
came through with you while she was rollin in his ride
you know the rules, your bitch chose him, now keep your cool
a sucker for pleasure is just a full-grown fool
now tell the truth, shes somethin you see walk around - woof
had you done swooped and went and bought her ass a coupe
just a nigga with a brown nose, the town knows
still come around swear he clown those
its better that you find out


i wish i woulda known you was a crazy bitch
before goin over to your house and layin some dick
i thought it wasnt nothin but a mutual nut
we fuck, i get mine, you get yours, we get up
but before i can get to my crib you hit my hip
still ready to fuck with the smell of dick on your lips
i started thinkin with my dickhead, man, that big red
pushy-ass pussy, its big and its bushy
couldnt help but to backdo that ass again and again
nut after nut, shit was cool, but then, you look, friends
started dippin, trippin and callin my house
with my gal sittin by me lookin all in my mouth
i say: "hey!", and cough, but she know im tryina play it off
"whats up, nigga? - bitch, when i see ya ima kill ya!"
its better that i find another freak to take your place
one who wont have me dealin with a domestic case



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