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who am i ark sz

[big ed] (da diiiiiiiick)

im having a big problem, or should i say difficulty?
with my bodys faculty
my wood aint acting right, as soon as i got this girl to act right
seduced her to give up the ass on the first night
her name is cynthia, hell of a body that will send for ya
backstage, d.c, had my niggas go send for her
she spotted me and she said
"i was just wondering why they call you big ed?"
now thats the million dollar question hon
let just say in the sack im known to make a run
forget about it, cause ill hit you with that pressure
cant wait to undress ya, with your fine ass lookin like vanessa
511", light skin, green eyes and convacios
defintely lickable in delicate places
not tonight though, strickly just to dick down
got to the telly, honey laid down, pulled the pannies way down
aint got time to waste now, shes tuggin at my waist now
dropped my pants, dropped my drawers, and whipped it out
inserted into her mouth, she wrapped her head around the ear
she let me watch my dick disappear, reappear
i rubbed the cat, finger fucked it, she grabbed my hand and sucked it
and in the other hand nothing but dick
i got my jim-hand but when i tried to put it on
my hard-on was gone
i told my dick "attention salute"
but he didnt, insuborate motherucker
what happened to the rocka rocka motherfucker?
then he spoked, spoked me i almost choked
on my spit, this is ricdoulous
im looking at my piece like whose dick is this?
(who am i? im the nigga that made you
im the reason why all the honies laid you
i got em doing all that freaky shit they do
reprations overdue)
nigga hold up, reprations? (yeah i said it)
now what you mean you got me pussy? (oh i didnt get it?)
(only thing you did was brag about me
telling em how im hangin like nights of the boogie
all in the your raps, all in your convo
you building curosity straight from the get-go
you know, and i know, that she wants to know
and she aint gonna go, until she knows how long i grow)
nigga i got it from the game i spit
i enticed the mind way before she saw the dick
what you mean you made me? im the that bust the raps
bust the gats (yeah but i got the nuts to go do that
hoes i run through that)
fool when i walk in the spot they be like who that?
(nigga they be lookin at the bulge in your pants
the size of your feet and hands, peepin out your stance
musclar, six pack, dont mean shit
they leave your stupid ass if you go impatent
nigga you aint shit without me, cant do shit without me
cause every women loves a big fat stiffy
that she can sit on, direct and cream on
and if i dont rise up, best believe shes gone
alot of women want their cats licked
but it takes a backseat to some bomb dick
even money wont do the trick, shell get tired of the shit
shell start sneaking around hunting for some dick
the want from you to lift shit, fix shit
you wouldnt be around if you werent attached to dick
im in control, im the brains extension
no matter you postition, just look at bill clinton
dykes hate you but buy me off the shelf)
man nigga fuck you (nawl thats bad for your health
and while we on the topic, this bad hoe you wanna stab
cant fuck with her dogg, she got crabs
and theyll get in my afro, oh hell no
lets just bust from flacio, cause shell go)
-door slams-


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