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scriptures ark sz

playa haters haters

military minded, usually blinded
lookin for a crew like mine, you cant find it
we all be soldiers but im also an assassin
i came out the womb with my trigger finger blasting
cock the gauge when im up in a rage
three inch double o shell, i make the front page
aint here for no stunting but you can get shot
thats how it is when you come up on my block
however, my crew is bout it bout it cause were better
we ride range rovers, mercedes or randettas
and if you run up, click clack and cock the hammer
and if you act wild, we all go pow
hit your girl from the back, i wanna grab that ass
bust the pubic or a friend, i jump it just as fast
i keep a tight fade, i cut my jerry curl
my fantasys two women, so nigga watch your girl
cause your girl looks so good and my wood is still ready, and she knows
shed rather fuck with a soldier then a buster like you, so here we go
im not a scary ass nigga, i never ever wanna panic
i simply bust down with my fully automatic
i watch these killers back when i was a kid
but i bust more shots then they ever did
this is not the last of them b-i-g is just the second
but how many times must i point my hand your direction
you need protection when im on the go
yesterday i purchased a desert eagle four four
you the hoe, im a soldier, im a soldier, you the hoe
if this is uniroll you would have to catch a cold
cause hoes get stuck and soldiers get milited
duckin what you did in the past, yo thats irrelivant
especially when your not soldier material
step to me and get away yo that would be a miracle
the beats by the pound, plus the players increase
big ed, aka assassin, revolutionary
wont go deep into this subject cause thats against who would
its just a second knows some niggas that hang out front
say im now all that, hoping you get a tank
but if you think how you figure that you can hang with killers
charging where the soldiers do, me its fine
cause when you cross that line we all pull out a nine
you can see no limit soldiers are mentally binded
in other words, were military minded

we some military minded niggas (what)
we some military minded niggas (what)
we some military minded niggas (what)
that dont give a fuck about pulling the trigger
we some military minded niggas (what)
we some military minded niggas (what)
we some military minded niggas (what)
that dont give a fuck about pulling the trigger


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