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sweet inspiration ark sz

lyrics and music by dan penn and spooner oldham

i need your sweet inspiration
i need you here on my mind
every hour of the day
without your sweet inspiration
the lonely hours of the night
just dont go my way

a woman in love
needs sweet inspiration
yeah, and honey thats all i ask, thats all i ask from you
ive gotta have your sweet inspiration
you know there just aint no tellin what a satisfied woman might do

the way you call me baby, baby
is such a sweet inspiration
the way you call me darlin, darlin
sets my heart to skating
and if im out in the rain, baby
and in a bad situation
you know i just reach back in my mind
and there i find your sweet, sweet inspiration

sweet inspiration
oh, what a power
and ive got the power
every hour of the day
i need your inspiration
to go on, to go on living
to keep on giving this way

i need your sweet inspiration
sweet inspiration, sweet inspiration, sweet inspiration
sweet, sweet inspiration
sweet, sweet inspiration
i need, sweet inspiration


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