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serious richard ark sz

i was so lost and you were so profound
you taught me how to fly with my feet still on the ground
and you told me to be what it is that i was
no matter what all of the businessmen said

serious richard, why do you frown like you do?
why do you think the whole world is after you?
well, youre probably right and its probably true about me, too

cause sometimes the world aint sweet
oh these days, when was it ever?
maybe its just this city hurts
oh richard, i love you worse

serious richard
i often recall the time in the doorway in paris
the time of the broken sinks and the broken hearts
and the broken weeds that we tore apart
thinking they were flowers, thinking they were art

we were so smart, richard
we liked our love, we loved to live
out in the streets we knew how to give
we were alive, happy to be alive

you dont know my memory lingers
or the message of your fingers

serious richard, where did you go?
i never thought an ending we would ever know
now its so cold without your love


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