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newspaper wife ark sz

words & music by vonda shepard

sitting here in this dirty bar
watching the trash go by
shes selling cigarettes and lollipops
shes got a sparkle in her black eye

she says "maybe my time will come"
maybe my time will come

he said hed sweep her off her feet
defying all of gravity
well shed move any bright city
to fill this gaping cavity... she says

im a slave in this empty life
diggin my grave im his newspaper wife

well he must have a very small broom
as she sits in this very large room
maybe its just a piece of straw
she says why am i so in awe?

im a slave to this empty life
diggin my grave im his newspaper wife
im ashamed of this meaningless life
diggin my grave im his newspaper wife

she sits across from him
drinking her coffee
his face is buried in other peoples lives, she says
"i wonder if hes gonna read forever
im his newspaper wife

repeat chorus


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