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just me & u ark sz

big ed(lady):
man, fuck man
hey lou man, dont you get new fuckin phone man
you cant even page nobody on this mutha fucka man
man fuck that man, look my nigga finger gettin all tired an shit man
nigga get a new fuckin phone, man i gotta call my old lady man, fuck
wooo now, whats up, its me, what ya doin
(uh, waiting for you)
uh, thats cool, but look um, im takin that red
ill be there first thing in the mourning
you know tomorrow your day huh?
(for sure baby, but what we gonna do?)

lets take a ride with the top down(top down)
the sun is out, just me and you
drop your baby by your mamas house
because today is your day, everything is right
and tonight we hot tub by the candle light
drive up the coast(up the coast)
and look at the ocean
you deserve a man to give you all his love and devotion
i got the love potion(uh huh), for your fallin heart
dont let this world get you down, dont fall apart
you see, money brings joy, but just for a moment
most men think thats enough, but see, me, im up on it
you need qualitly time, companionship
pack your bags up, and lets go take a trip
tahoe, nasa, whatever you want
i know the secrets how to keep you
do what he wont, do for you
plus erotic positions
tongue lickin got ya quiverin without intermission

jump in the ride and close the door
ima take you places you never gone before, come on
(just me and you)just me and you(just me, and you)just me and you
we can do it all night, and experiment
itll be so good you run and tell all your friends, come on
(just me and you)just me and you(just me, and you)just me and you

big ed:
yea im a freak, but im a freak for you
there arent to many things that i wont do
but i havent done this to all, only a few
but im a do this to you, cause your my boo
take you on shoppin sprees(uh huh)
beach walks for talks(uh huh)
and i will lie in bed next to you, even after dark
now i aint casanova(casanova)
i just know how to treat ya
and when im dickin you down is the only time i will beat you
some niggas play hard, like they dont need love
like the only thing they need
are they niggas and bud
but aint no high like passion
like when our hips are crassin
or when we just chillin, sittin back and laughin
be my queen, ill be your soldier
when times are hard
keep your faith in me and keep your faith in god
and we can make it, aint no truer two
cause theres no limit, its just me and you


well baby here i am, ready to take your hand
on that eternal ride, stay forever by your side
lovin everything you do, and my girls wish they had you too
but your down to only be my man
me and you i hope they understand


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