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im yo soldier ark sz

[big ed]
yo, funky sons, help me out

[sons of funk]
im yo soldier (every soldier needs some thug love)
youll never find another (every soldier needs some thug love)
im yo soldier (every soldier nees some thug love)
youll never find another (every soldier needs some thug love)
like me

verse 1
[big ed]
had my back ever since i was pulling 211s
the rich dude, i was on my knees trying to shoot a seven
even when theres no food in the fridge, you say youre lucky to have me
never tripped on the life i live
you had my kid, you held my strap to prove its for life
you got lady assassin tatted on your back, sometimes i dont act like i should
you still understand what im going through, the pressures from the hood
im trying to make it all good forever
i cant see living life without me and you together
i know im gone a lot trying to make it, but just have patience
its all for you, my soul ill stake it


verse 2
[silkk tbe shocker]
see youre a star, met you at the bar, seen you through the cartier frames
excuse me miss, im silkk the shocker, tru is the clique that i claim
money and wealth, good times and bad times, that just comes with the game
dont trip on the females and shit, miss, look, that just, like,
comes with the name
i need a down girl thats down to ride
see that girl, look, 3-5-5 ferrari parked up on the outside
i live the life of a thug, thats why im never smiling
got out the projects with my thugs, im probably on some like island
see, im a soldier and i need a soldierette like you
hot tubs, backrubs, celebrating over dinner for two
said you wanna go to war, lets see if you can last for the 2nd round
and i dont know, theres something about ya, makes silkk the shocker
wanna settle down
now what, i told ya


verse 3
[master p]
i hang with killas and gees to get my cash on
i need a thug girl at night to get my smash on
lingerie with the camoflague (camoflague)
hennessey with the weed, baby girl im at the front line
and we can do it til we weak (til we weak)
a little isley brothers, me and you, between the sheets
in the game getting rowdy (ungh!)
but dont trip, cause tonight me and you gonna get bout it bout it
huh bruh?

repeat chorus twice


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