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cross to bear ark sz

words & music by vonda shepard

you ran away with your conscience dear
there was a red flag waving in my ear saying
"stay away, youve got something to fear"
well why did i not choose to hear?
well i am through with suffering
gonna make better choices i dont need no wedding ring
i can sing, i can dance
but i cant make thus feeling cease
cause deep in my soul you left a permanent crease and

we all got our cross to bear
our star of david, our dreadlocked hair
and oh yeah baby, i still care
and if you need some help
you know ill always be there

well its been a strange year
youve been a very bad dog
as my fire went out
youd put on another log
but it was worth never having any peace
and deep in my soul you left a permanent crease and

repeat chorus

some nights i thought id cry forever
id wish him away and then id turn into a beggar
but it was worth always scraping my knees
and deep in my soul you left a permanent crease

i wear my heart like a wrinkle on my sleeve

and ive got the aching love that only you can relieve
but im not afraid to go down with a sinking friend
im gonna live out my dreams even if they kill me in the end

repeat chorus


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