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cartwheels ark sz

written by vonda shepard

oh mama wed sail away
doing cartwheels on the front lawn everyday
and youd sing "here comes the sun"
then wed dance together
i thought it would last forever

i see my life fly on by
like a soldier in the rain
with a shining road ahead of me
for once in my life i wanna be happy
stop running from my memories
being on the road sets me free... but sometimes

i want to come back home
i want to hear your voice say to me
be yourself, cause thats all that matters baby

oh mama youd carry me away
on the rooftops and in the high trees
thats where i used to dream
id close my eyes and hear you sing
"blackbird in the dead of night"

i see your life fly on by
mama dont you be afraid
look at all the love that you have made
oh mama you want us to forgive you
but you did nothing wrong
you followed your road for so long...that sometimes

you want to come back home
you want it all to be the way it was
shaynamaidala...doing cartwheels on the lawn

all the planes are out tonight
i see them flying...lighting up the sky


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