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buck em ark sz

chorus: fiend (repeat 2x)

fuck them niggas, fuck them niggas
dont make me have to bust them niggas, bust them niggas
my fourtyfive will dust them niggas, dust them niggas
dont make me have to touch them niggas, touch them niggas

its f-i-e, o.g. ready to prove that im strong enough
prepared to rip a nigga down if he look at me long enough
im supposed to be fucked up with my mental capacity
thats why these killers and they old ladies be coming after me
they wont be no more after me including my body faculity
look at my name, im to blame for all these casualties
no one as bad as me, i search the galaxy
and im willing to put up my no limit royal salary
go ahead make my manner please if the yapping dont decease
when i stomp, you???, get up and catch a breeze
i aint lying im horrifying, im the bull up in the pit
full of that shit, and aint resting till you get your ass whipped
know what im sayin


still keeping it real, smoking weed, drinking hennessey
every nigga around me thats why none of you niggas can bother me
im gettin fucked up so how many wanna ride with me
if you got a blunt get it lighted, come get high with me
i like to smoke till my lungs cant take no more
got me ducking and diving like im strung out on coke
but still one of the most dangerous niggas you ever came across
better cock my shit and bust until they label you lost
with no remorse, me, fiend, big ed goin be all right
we be???, come to the show and still gettin high
talkin bout where my niggas at and where the bitches at
where the fuck my niggas at, lets get this party started


[big ed]
now when i said fuck yall niggas, best believe that i meant it
for every bullet that hit your dome best believe my gat sent it
niggas talk shit and repent it, cause they know my hollows did shit
im back on the streets as a hitman cause my stash is gone i spent it
gotta jack you for your paper, im a no limit terminator
hit you like a gladiator, shake you like an alligator
whats up now bitch, when i hit your town get shot or duck down
????? get buck down, two sheds get high no time for showdown
slow down, i got my gat all in your face
dont make me sound this bitch off like im about to start a race
and leave your head all over the place now that aint no fun
187, redrum, redrum, cause murder be the outcome


fuck them niggas, fuck them niggas
i said fuck them niggas, fuck them niggas
i said fuck them niggas, fuck them niggas
i said whats up with them niggas, whats up with them niggas
fuck them niggas, fuck them niggas
i said fuck them niggas, fuck them niggas


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