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flatt and scruggs, flatt and scruggs arklar, flatt and scruggs ark szleri
1.a hundred years from now331
2.angel band556
3.another ride with clyde393
4.atlantic coastal line363
5.baby blue eyes414
6.ballad of jed clampett393
7.barrow gang will get you little man514
8.before i met you424
9.big spike hammer421
10.bill cheatham480
11.blowin in the wind609
12.blue ridge cabin home328
13.bound to ride373
14.boy named sue347
15.branded wherever i go383
16.bringing in the georgia mail386
17.bringin in the georgia mail774
18.bugle call rag453
19.bummin on old freight train577
20.cabin home on the hill420
21.cabin in caroline368
22.cabin on the hill368
23.careless love495
24.catch the wind324
26.coal miners blues761
27.come back darling423
29.cora is gone446
30.cripple creek442
31.cryin holy unto the lord587
32.cryin my heart out over you574
33.cumberland gap694
34.darlin corey654
35.dear old dixie449
36.detroit city361
37.dig a little deeper in the well379
38.dim lights thick smoke358
39.dixie home448
40.doing my time377
41.doin my time675
42.dont get above your raisin539
43.dont let your deal go down447
44.dont think twice its all right414
45.dont this road look rough and rocky535
46.down in the flood329
47.down in the valley411
48.down the road338
49.drowned in the deep blue sea411
50.earls breakdown698
51.east bound train332
53.faded red ribbon384
54.false hearted lover463
55.farewell blues469
56.flint hill special460
57.foggy mountain breakdown463
58.foggy mountain chimes465
59.foggy mountain special460
60.foggy mountain top364
61.folsom prison blues381
62.four strong winds332
63.freida florentine507
64.gathering flowers from the hillside445
65.gentle on my mind325
66.georgia buck452
68.girl from the north country396
69.give me flowers while im living590
70.give mother my crown328
71.god loves his children394
72.going across the sea382
73.gone home410
74.gonna settle down386
75.good things outweight the bad371
76.good times are past and gone392
77.ground speed431
78.hard travelin507
79.he took your place373
80.head over heels378
81.hear the wind blow444
82.hello stranger409
83.highway end454
84.home sweet home455
85.homestead on the farm462
86.honey just allow me one more chance474
87.hot corn, cold corn393
89.i know what it means to be lonesome353
90.i saw mother with god last night355
91.i still miss someone412
92.i walk the line405
93.i wonder where you are tonight361
94.if i should wander back tonight364
95.if i were a carpenter369
96.is it too late now390
97.it aint me babe486
98.it takes one to know one359
99.it wont be long556
100.id rather be alone547
101.ill be no mans wife458
102.ill be on that good road some day422
103.ill be your baby tonight537
104.ill go stepping too477
105.ill just pretend612
106.ill never love another518
107.ill never shed another tear433
108.ill stay around561
109.ill take the blame549
110.im gonna ride that steamboat503
111.im gonna settle down717
112.im on my way to canaans land754
113.im traveling on and on566
114.im waiting to hear you call me darling537
115.ive just seen the rock of ages517
118.jimmy brown the newsboy356
119.john hardy was a desperate little man442
120.john henry527
121.joy bells ringing in my soul425
122.kansas city350
123.keep on the sunny side395
124.last public hanging in west virginia387
125.legend of the johnson boys358
126.let those brown eyes smile at me426
128.like a rolling stone346
129.little cabin home on the hill394
130.little darling pal of mine385
131.little girl in tennessee398
132.lonesome reuben522
133.lonesome road blues434
134.maggies farm589
135.martha white theme477
136.memphis tennessee385
137.mr tambourine man374
138.my cabin in caroline378
139.nashville blues481
140.nashville skyline rag425
141.nine pound hammer382
142.ninety nine years is almost for life332
143.no mother in this world405
144.no mother or dad403
145.nothing to it430
146.ode to billie joe381
147.on my mind351
148.on the rock where moses stood454
149.one too many mornings381
150.philadelphia lawyer310
151.pick along451
152.picture of bonnie600
153.pike county breakdown446
154.please dont wake me502
155.prayer bells of heaven370
156.preachin prayin singin482
157.rainy day women numbers and336
160.reunion in heaven365
161.rock salt and nails343
162.rollin in my sweet babys arms487
164.ruby dont take your love to town441
165.sally ann453
166.sally goodin473
167.salty dog415
168.salty dog blues385
169.shuckin the corn906
170.so happy ill be544
171.somehow tonight357
172.someone took my place with you344
174.starlight on the rails329
175.stone the builders refused337
176.storms are on the ocean378
177.suns gonna shine in my backdoor someday566
178.take me back to tulsa492
179.take me in your lifeboat385
180.take this hammer360
181.tammys song754
182.ten miles from natchez365
183.thinking about you342
184.this land is your land365
185.til the end of the world rolls round338
186.times they are a changin685
187.tis sweet to be remembered388
188.tonight will be fine351
189.train that carried my baby from town360
190.troublesome waters389
191.wabash cannonball375
192.wait for the sunshine389
193.wanted man424
194.well meet again sweetheart496
195.when i left east virginia411
196.when papa played the dobro406
197.when the angels carry me home398
198.when the saints go marching in392
199.when you are lonely351
200.where have all the flowers gone325
201.who will sing for me450
202.why dont you tell me so470
203.will the roses bloom346
204.will you be lonesome too387
205.worried man blues390
206.wreck of the old316
207.you are my flower442
208.you can feel it in your soul374
209.your love is like a flower364
210.youre gonna miss me when im gone521
211.youre not a drop in the bucket390
212.youve been fooling me baby487
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