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all-4-one, all-4-one arklar, all-4-one ark szleri
1.a better man399
2.all the wrong reasons449
3.beautiful as you414
5.christmas with my baby393
6.colors of love426
7.could this be magic416
8.down to the last drop383
9.fear no more591
10.frosty the snowman / rudolph medley449
11.get down382
12.giving you my heart forever382
14.hard habit break433
15.here for you413
16.here if youre ready590
17.how to love again399
18.i can love you like that407
19.i cross my heart475
20.i swear490
21.i turn to you435
22.i will be right here450
23.if you want me413
24.its who you are546
25.im sorry587
26.im your man506
27.keep it goin on574
29.love is more than just another four-letter word373
30.marys little boy child620
31.most beautiful girl377
32.no doubt436
33.not ready for goodbye379
34.oh girl365
35.one summer night763
36.o come all ye faithfull654
37.perfect love355
38.philippians feels good420
39.roll call382
40.santa claus is coming to town424
43.shes got skillz601
44.silent night578
45.smile like mona lisa470
46.so much in love420
47.somebody love462
48.something about you404
49.spanish bonita438
51.the bomb433
52.the christmas song394
53.the first noel406
54.these arms371
55.think youre the one for me432
56.this christmas410
57.time to come home425
58.until you go397
59.we dedicate385
60.we wish you a merry christmas664
61.what child is this403
62.whatever you want461
63.when you wish upon a star424
64.with u414
65.without you405
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