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written by ugly kid joe

shut up, talking out your ass
with your fake-ass grin and your backstage pass
front row at every single show
but your hearts in the wrong place
its in the rat race
i dont know what youre trying to prove
always fucking at my band
when were laying down a fat groove
i got no jealously not towards security
why are you always bringing me
stay the fuck away from me
im talking to you v.i.p.
im talking to you
i know the power you possess
playing cool rock for the all access
big which, its jealousy
i see that your hearts in the wrong place
you cant follow me
i dont know why youre kissing my ass
cause as soon as i turn my back you start stabbin
im reality, you cant just even bother me
im the one they came to see
stay the fuck away from me
im talking to you v.i.p.


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