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suckerpath ark sz

written by ugly kid joe

ive got the hair
ive got the teeth
ive got the eyes
well peggy, take a look outside the window
ive got the car
im the lead singer
im the man
she, she come to me and set me free
that makes me feel good
she, shes new york grown im all alone
she makes me feel good
never going down a suckerpath baby
she, she makes me real and sex appeal
that makes me feel good
she, she fills my soul, it makes me whole
that makes me feel good
never going down a suckerpath baby
now all day as youre calling me lazy
never going down the suckerpath baby
never go down never go down
she treats me like a foolish child
and laughing all the while
makes me wanna be alive
she sees me in a different light
and knows ill be alright
makes me wanna be alive
all the things i could have said
some days now i wish im dead
a foolish child an awesome dream
i think you know just what i mean
never going down a suckerpath baby
come on come on
you dont want to ride me i dont even care
you dont even move my style now
i dont even care now


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