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look away ark sz

this time we run
this time we hide
this time we draw on all the fire
we have inside

we need some time
to find a place
where i can wipe away the madness from your face

our name is out
our name is known
our name is everywhere
but who knows where weve flown

i neaver meant to kill a man
but i will show you how to live
like no-one ever can

look away, look away
hide your eyes from the land where i lie cold
look away, look away
from the lies in the stories that were told
look away, look away
from the love that i hide
way down deep in my soul

i met you wild
in a snowed up town
i was waiting tied and bound
to be sent down

then i broke loose
you werent around
so i raised banks and trains
until tracked you down

you followed me
when i said no
you lay with me
when there was nowhere safe to go

we made some friends
but now its done
i always knew
that we would never catch the sun


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