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little red man ark sz

american flag wraps round the pole
and the little red man is taking control
the man with the puppet
starts to juggle your dreams
and the world that you live
may not be what it seems
hold onto sorrow, it constantly lies
and the things that i thought always kept me in stride
smoke cigarettes till the light came to see
read the fine print on the wrong guaruntee
little red man
youre kind of young
now its time to retreat
youre the right people, the wrong ones for me
some turn to apples and lemons of spice
wings of tomorrow will swallow your pride
im just a dreamer, swimming in my mind
im just a dreamer in my mind
im just a dreamer, laughing into mine
im just a dreamer in my mind
drinking the sunlight
the salt from the sea
youre the wrong people, the right ones for me
circular motions and things that are found
wings of tomorrow you wont hear a sound


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