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everything about you ark sz

i, hate the rain and sunny weather
and i, hate the beach and mountains too
and i dont like a thing about the city, no, no
and i, i, i, hate the country side too
and i, hate everything about you
...everything about you
i dont like a thing about your mother
and i, i hate your daddys guts too
i, dont like a thing about your sister
cause i, i, i, think sex is overrated too.
and i, get sick when im around, i, cant stand to be around
i, hate everything about you
some say i got a bad attitude
but that dont change the way i feel about you
and if you think this might be bringing me down
look again cause i aint wearin no frown
i dont really care about your sister
fuck the little bitch cause i already kissed her
one thing that i did to your lady
put her on the bed and she didnt say maybe
i know you know everybody knows
the way it comes, the way its gonna go
you think its sad, well thats too bad
cause im havin a ball hatin
every little thing about you
everything about you, everything about
i get sick when im around
i cant stand to be around
i hate everything about you


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