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written by ugly kid joe

im frank sinatra in a rock n roll band
im a hevayweight demon with a heavyweight plan
im uncle sam with a joint in my mouth
and my v8s floored when i headed down south
this aint hell, sure aint heaven
pull on over to the seven eleven
stop rich now, pontiac here
big blue love budweiser beer
cant you see them
cant you see them
gi joe im stretch armstrong
every blade of grass im the water in the bong
im aqua man im the devil with a grin
ambidextrous now cause i use both limbs
east palo alto, age 26
full love circle not one love missed
a1 liquor, berones too
crown royal, no. 502
cant you see them
cant you see them
august 27th on a calendar scale
and on this day i went to jail
the blue man on my trip and on my ride
see i gotta go and will i survive
im the man and i do and i dont
im the man and i will and i wont
im the man and i could not lie
why most should live now some should die


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