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keep on dreaming ark sz

born too soon for a future
born too poor for love
born too far from the warmth of the sun
or a place in the heavens above
its a cold, cold night in the circus
a colder night in the zoo
light up the fires down in carton town
where the feet and the fingers are blue
i said keep on dreaming
hey, hey, keep on dreaming
i hear talk of chances
chances gone to waste
well its hard to see opportunity
with a hand drawn across your face
we never chose the doctor
we never chose the school
we never chose the family
or the winning smile of the fool
i said keep on dreaming
keep on dreaming
like the life you have is the life you want
keep on dreaming
some of us dream in the morning
some of us simply will curse
others will put their defenses to work
protecting the bad from the worse
a band plays in the valley
a nightmare in every head
and people all sing hallelujah
when they mean heaven help us instead
i said keep on dreaming
keep on dreaming
like the life you have is the life you want


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