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turbulence ark sz

verse one:
boldly go only to sew the block up,lock shit down,
mama told me yous the giant
pump out the nose cold,crimewave,host em, baratone
so defiant, they stole the science from the o.g.
carbon copies,sloppy,trying
to muscle out the o.d. slapshot,cant get it past the
goalie mask
stonefinger roam, royalty zone off, henn, gin rummy
stunts, cummin in sums, writing on ya tummy hun
low stamina, still hungry some, asthma,
clogged up, ramus smog, dialogue, dorm plasma, road
hog it all, hammers
no matter what, the tracks right and exact,it
matters,the scanners listen
system jammer, right on ya rack, black panther on a
right back at you,ready to cook this shit!
babylon apple, natu-wu (natural) habitat, stone
statues(planes crashin!)
verse two:
robotron golden arms, pentagon brain cell, all to
gain, chained to the bumper.
wolfgang hunters, field goal punters tone,steel toe
eruption, its a gusher!
tonecrusher smith,usher the style,stubborn born
criminals foul within the isle
let off a signal with attitude,magnitude,beat
through, me devil lies thats sized of cathedrals.
the track more lethal, came back to see you
finish the job off proper, live wire shit, spit the
lava,the helicopter hit you, flyin saucers, of
course,may the force not be with you
these bengals that dangle, sinister phantom menace,
hansome are my lenses, all in the register, speakin my
spanish, clips like banana grips, bananza, dressed
fancy in the club, halle barry slowdance, we romance,
now gimme love
(more planes,and pilots panicing.)
verse three:
jackie chan movements, hard to kill for real, drill
him some more with some
old fashion smooth shit, long winded, splendid the
bomb blow, on the whole
a ruthless, butter roll flow. show improvement? this
shit is cool whip to me,
when i throw off the wool. this music with a mule
kick, eight ball in the side
pocket corner, one mark the chalk, gimme my poolstick,
smoked the dipped,
notes by the throat, full grip, scud puddy in my
hands, fans, read the blueprints,
the truth, the slang you bit? to form in a sentence,
the cold winters i spent with
splinters, the apprentice under rzas training, he
sang, each aims vintage,
aimin at you swine eater, wifebeater scoundrels,
stolen vowel theives, im swollen
now, collen powel relief, throw the towel in, tools
in, full spin, school em again,
show em that the wise could rejuvinize all these
hoodlums,dont sleep he could win.
pull a pen, its full again,celeb, all on the web on a
conquest, no disturbance,
address it to ya chest, youre in turbulance,mighty
men vitamin d. rest in peace
to my nigga bigga b.love you g. (repeat)


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