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turbo charge ark sz

rocket on...to the break of dawn...elevation yo...
elevation smell the vibration mystique beneath the beat cave in
super freak meaty bone tones discreet goncha leave is a sweet sensation
(egg is i) forsaken take over in
the making live wire retire all great men
mic-pope rope-a-dope (ma-des-en) intention
broke through your fences now this is the redemption
nerve wrechin unstoppable high colossal
tonsil obstacle-able hard to true bobbin
shopping through no question
honey im sexual intellectual (vamp) rhyming professional
swing all the ladies in i directional potential bright clever and soft
whatever more encore the shit you adore hard
cause its hard turbo charge and im doing shit my way
bon voyage shoalin dodge nigga im going shit my way
turbo charge nigga its hard cause im doing shit my way
yes its hard praise to god nigga im doing shit my way
how it sounds now hold it down right down to the ground...
pleasure the light mic the treasure strangers in the night
cant fight the spinning (lining) of pearl from left to right
have guns (yo will) travel milky way dripping in the brisk
at your own risk silver shadow
that might lurk in the image in the pharaoh when the road gets narrow
an hour off after hour devour with the power the background amp
wine (your mission) to the party mix champ
wu stamp genie out the lamp cramp sex position
exposition body count technician bets deep rising ask killa-shit
wax __-ize this courage of the fearless wu enterprise sent to risen
grand prize landslide pipe in holy lighting told me im frighten
goldie the only __ speaking that excitement
i feel the earth moving under my feet
i feel the crowd come tumbling down how it sound all around now
we going to party now hold it down
we going to party-hardy right down to the ground


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