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dats gangsta ark sz

brand new magnetic killah hill scorches
monster talk bosses, spank em, step into my office
crunch time steroid big boy itches
eyes that lay for blood money riches
switches thug men gunmen dirty lung sticker
arch-crime hitler, lurking with the lifter
shift the man vs. man heavy on the hands
chef in the kitchen cooking love love..slam!
blow out the stash; keep the bundle in the bush and the trash
d-up, burn brother for the real..fast
terrible lung split frame for reala
one-man go low hit man guerilla
whispering there something of a thriller, killer
drift, dirty fiend snore, scratch and sniff
dirty tombs diggin you and my duty
rudy, mighty rap now toss another beauty
truly yours golden arms new york native
talk, shankin my mouth now gangsta walk
[chorus: u-god]

(effect)..rock! dats gangsta..what?
dats gangsta
(effect) rock! rock on dats gangsta..what?!

when i pump pump youll prepare for a lump
magnificent funk plus its wild on the dump
suckers cant fuck with the rhymes i conduct
i fuck this mic like some big mike slut
put your big shoes on now walk your struts
thought your last rugged cuts was rough enough? right?
snuff you buck you stuck in the guts
untenable thrust plus that hammerhead busts
once i splash acapella wind shaft
this sick wild behavior cant shield from the blaast!
thrash mash the pedal now dash
outta town slangin two bricks in my stash
sound cage of rage livinthat status
that murderous thirst thats reign of the baddest
you heard it here first one verse then youre caught
everybody jumpin out gangsta walk rock
[chorus : u-god]

raw, cold winds energize rebels
all our doors swingin killing floor level
explode code of silence my violence you respect
liver than flesh that this mic head the best
veteran chest never say die never say rest
the hang time derange in this rap game divine
now change of the range bang with gansta our line
bust the falcon mic mountain men you know the outcome
define we pro dynamo im still scalpin
the body countin rhyme drop put it on kill now
toil your girl in your cadillac seville chill
golden arch stolen heart no im robbin fed
baddest women in the bed nigga mobbin
[chorus: u-god]


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