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so lonely ark sz

darkchild [echoes for a bit while mariah harmonizes]

its ya boy twista, that girl mariah
its that fire

you know i like the way you kick it gurl
you know i like it when you in my world
cmere lil momma lemme freak yo body
then roll wit me in the bentley white pearl
girl you know you get me so erotic
especially when i be sippin hypnotiq
got me feelin like im smokin on chronic
when we fuckin it be so exotic
now i know that everything be on fire wit mariah
and she know she be dealin with a baller
hiccup ashes and meet me through the wire
fulfullin desires like a chi shot caller
do you love how the twista went at you (at you)
do you love when i hit it from the back too (back too)
let me feel how you hook up that one way
cmon baby girl let me see what that do

[hook: mariah carey]
i wish that we could, blow up the speakers
over and over, {?} to c-cups
forever, your lady, you act right, then maybe
aint nothin to talk about, with the music loud
so then what do you say

[chorus 2x: mariah carey]
ahhhh, hah hah, hah hahhh; come to be my one and only
inside i been so lonely, (1) come hold me (2) console me
ahhhh, hah hah, hah hahhh; wanna wrap myself around you
to {fuck} when baby you dont want to, come make me say

now we pullin up out the garage
in the platinum blue i-nage
me and you about to hit that club
to the bar so we can sip that bub
both of us together we be the livest
if i had to break it down, how would i describe it
{ahhhh, hah hah, hah hahhh}
we the type of couple that when we get up with each other
we get it crackin in the kitchen or the bedroom
it dont matter where we at, we be makin noise
so play the track, so the bassll make your head boom
break you off when you hold one leg up
and you know i like the way you put it on me
its the east coast queen and the midwest mob boss
shawty ima never leave you lonely

[hook + chorus]

let me give it to you all night long
let me give it to you through this song
let me give it to you in the hallway
let me give it to you on the balcony baby (thats right)
give it to you on the east coast (east coast)
give it to you on the west coast (west coast)
give it to you down south
let me give it to you in the midwest baby
let me give it to you in the u.k.
let me give it to you through the dj
let me give it to you in the rack or the back
i got you yankin the sac, thats how a freak play
give it to you however you desire
and i gotta show you that i aint a liar
ima console you even when you lonely
come and listen to the twista and mariah

[mariah carey]
soldier show a girl what it do (what it do)
ill tell this boy a promise even {?}
you got my body lit up like the moon
way too persuasive i cant take it im so caught up in you

[chorus - first repeat only]

[mariah harmonizes and ad libs to fade]


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