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snap happy ark sz

[verse 1: tung twista]
intro, i break a, break a brother ten fold
oh, 10-40, stomp em like a dinosaur
poor excuse for an mc, so-so singers
the things i bringll snap like fingers
rugged hip-hop, im gettin funky like a cheap perfume
doom, take em from the womb to the tomb, whom
it may concern, i return from the mentally dead
to fly a sleep sucker ducks head
a thouroughbred in this talent, i be snappin like im coo-coo
try to fade my spade, you made a boo boo
suckers say ooops, troops, i spank em if they rap happy
never calm, cause im snap happy

am i snap happy? (mh-hm)
tell me am i snap happpy? (mh-hm)
tell me am i snap happpy? (mh-hm)
yo, tell me am i snap happpy? (mh-hm)

[verse 2: tung twista]
snap happy - snappin on those who think i rap crappy
the tung is snappy, rougher than nappy, you cant outrap me
punk, with suckers i toy, im stronger than a droid
i dont avoid the noid, i destroyed the noid
so i gotta make a scrub pay hay
suckers i slay, they lay stinkin in the subway
focus, my rhythm will scrub, say rub-a-dub-dub
cause ima step into em like a bathtub
i make em run like waterfalls, use your eyes for pool balls
then run through rappers like school halls
im breakin sucker punks backs
facts on wax, when i step, instead of footprints, i leave tire tracks
my rhythm be delicious while
i flow, the skunk of this, funk of this with a dramatically vicious style
i destroy your phoney hip-hopness like the lochness
monster, just because i want ta
1 to 2, im comin through
swig em like a brew, ooh
you think i bit off more than i can chew?
i break a sissy up with no twist
dont make my tongue flappy
i still can be labelled as snap happy


dj jihad get loose

[dj scratches] (hit me)

[verse 3: tung twista]
i snap and make em yield
spin my tongue like a windmill
and crack your skull like a windshield
show me where a sucker makes a error, i give him terror
be smooth as aloe vera, they run like mascara
i turn em over like a page, engage
i eat em with rage and trap the duck behind my rib cage
flow, my jockll make em blow
want me to take em slow
i flow speed till they cant take no mo
get the urge to see what im servin, bee
i make an emergency for the sucker to get surgery, word to g
you thinkin what i saidll miss
but im the head of this, what i saidll diss
cause its a mega-diss
if you sleep get into bed of this
but if you wake up, ima fly that dreaded head like pegasus
im a son, but for some reason they wanna call me the rap pappy
i guess its cause im snappy


(hit me)


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