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rock yall spot ark sz

haha, heh, last time for the mobsta
get up in here and do our thang, heh
thats how we gon do

get down to the club
chokin on sticky and everything was loved, oh yeah
look here now
then on came the lights, hey
all the niggas and bitches in the party was feelin high
liffy stokes bring it

[liffy stokes]
tonights gon be the bomb, its warm and calm
i got to take this cool in my arm with an ounce in my palm
i done took the bottle with don, and im back for sure
actin a fool, gettin skully, mixin henny and mo
with plenty to draw, and we gotta blaze by the door
with too much m to the o from rushin the dance floor
mob style runnin wild through every section and aisle
drinkin river, pissy now, collectin numbers to dial
talkin loud, flash the cheese just for the haters and keys
that try to catch me sooner so they can cease without the cheese
through mobstability, yall be killin me
with that weak shit, a nigga just came to party
with my guys and women probably pitchin couple of innings
break em down through my winnings and come out detroit grinnin
with my paper and ladies on the e doin about eighty
tryin to get to the (?) so that freaky bitch can lay me

when the mobstas rock yall spot
watch all the niggas and bitches start dancin
big ballers wave yall knots
cause yall the ones playa haters cant stand with
the mobstas rock yall spot
watch all the niggas and bitches start dancin
big ballers wave yall knots
cause yall the ones playa haters cant stand with

im bendin curves through the gym straight smokin and drinkin
westside, mob style, and the mink and the lickin
trippin on the cutie thats winkin
cause she know we got the shit that rocks her block
and put the boom in your box and make your speakers pop
so i take this as my cue to make sure shorty dont snooze
the mobstas rockin tonight at the house of blues
with some mo and some crews and now she lookin in dues
talkin about bringin our homies and puttin on dancin shoes
its like that yall, let your paper stack tall
so when you hit the club you can ball and get some numbers to call
dont worry about the playa haters leanin on the wall
because when they get the gold and start to ball
they gonna have to fight us all to the end
playas get a glass and a set of twins
in different clothes so they can be a thugs extend
cause when this party ends another begins it dont stop
so flash your knot and beep me at my guys red shop


hey hey, oh suki-suki now, look here now, whats cookin now
shook it shook it, child, shake it down, lets boogie now
from the hood and i be the chief, feelin good as taters and waiters
with playas with the ladies pullin up in big-ridin mercedes
this party gon fade me, smokin with the brokes and the brothers
cherry gators, yo dawg, this pockets full hundreds and rollers
im kickin it out with tippin dippin off from the laws
in the glance of an eye with drawers, while they hustlin just to ball
(?) so i bought a drink, sport a link, recall the mink
hoe figure she was pretty and think maybe i ought to wink
and she takes a glance, partya boomin so maybe i got a chance
this cutie got too much booty and i asked her to dance
flippin 50s in my hand, champagne all up in my face
takin pictures, (?) close em all bitches probably in the place
straight po pimpin, im trippin (?) its the weekend
steady quickin, take a pimpin and pay the scraps for sneakin
cause when the...

[chorus til end]

throw it up, are you a true money maker
throw it up, cause you a big time playa

[repeat til end]


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