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overnight celebrity ark sz

[intro: twista]
oh you didnt think we can do it again...?
kanye west...
from po pimpin to poppin tags...
from champions to slow jamz...
oh baby...
we can even make you an overnight celebrity...
know what im sayin?

[chorus: kanye west]
(why dont we...)
play somethin these hoesll like
drive whips i know they like
twista you told em right...
[twista] i can make you a celebrity overnight...
give you ice like kobe wife...
we sort of like goldie right...
tha way we mold em right...
[twista] i can make you a celebrity overnight...

girl i see you in them apple bottom jeans, chinchilla on yo back i wanna know yo name,
girl dont twist it i can throw yo brain, put you in tha chameleon 04 range,
still sexy when you smoke that flame, jerkin like a chicken when you throw that thang,
she got me hotter than an oven tha way that she talk, switchin and freaky so im lovin tha
way that she walk,
you lookin good girl you oughta be in pictures... listen to me i see yo career goin sky
takin you home to the crib in the chi and everytime i see your thighs i cry when i drive by,
watch it you should bring a thrill, got tha fellas on some johnny gills steady screamin "my,
my, my, my,"
walk on tha carpet wit tha diamonds that flick in tha dark, kickin it on tha couch and 106 &
i can see yo beauty on a big screen... i can see me freakin you wit whip cream...
i can see you on stage at the awards, wit a dress better then jennifers and doin big
kick it wit me i can mold yo life, you lookin good girl show you right,
dre told me you tha prototype, i can make you a celebrity overnight...


you want fame you can take that path, candle lights when you take a bath,
you got such a sensational ass, ima get you jimmy choo and marc jacobs bags,
i could cop her a 2000 thousand and three, make her smile when she see sprees,
i can get you on cds and dvds, take you to bbs in bcb-g,
i could get you into places, the beginnin to the people i knowll show you things to get
i wanna be yo lover and yo confidant and protect you from others, dont let another brotha
pimp you,
if you want tha style you could wit ya girl, yall take a look at her she got such an
astonishin body,
i could see you in some gucci, roberto cavalli and now but she gon put a hurt on em hard in
tha party,
and you know you kill em in tha club, you cold, you was born to be a pro, how you gon stick
to photos?
and i love you cuz you freaky wit tha dope flows, drop it to tha floor let that go when you
roll slow,
and i love it when i hit it from tha back and you get on top of me and have a brotha goin
"oh, oh"
girl i love how you roll me right, i can make you a celebrity overnight...

over night celebrity

[interlude: twista]
see baby girl...
you see how you make a brotha break down?
i just gotta ask you...
what you need?
what you need from me?
oh, you wanna be a star?
oh, you messin wit tha right one...
i can take you there...
i can make sure you got all the finest things...
let me be yo manager...

come here girl i can see you bored, take you to tha queen that i see you for,
take you shoppin on sprees in stores, ima get you to the mtv awards,
we about to do a show tonight, you lookin good girl show you right,
take you places i know you like, i can make you a celebrity overnight,
come here girl you can hang if you bored, we can do many things plus more,
im about to have you changin in stores, i can even get you to the soul train awards,
we about to do a show tonight, you lookin good girl show you right,
take you places i know you like, i can make you a celebrity overnight...


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