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nun ah yall can hang ark sz
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nun ah yall can hang ark sz

none of yall can hang
none of yall can hang [repeated]

[verse 1]
hype! you better pipe down, or a fights found
i know you can tear the mic down - huh, sike, clown
say im phony like christmas cause i twist this
diss and hiss this, im pissed, come and kiss this
butt of mine, you aint but a blind muthafucka
duck tail, one tail, dum tail, try to run, snail
untangle your dreadlock, i mean deadlock
ima rock and hope your ears get the point like mr. spock
them sucker wack rappers whippersnappers think im new to this
i been true to this, give me somethin to chew to this
like bubble gum bums that think i cant hum to a slow drum
dont think i know where i come from, dumb-dumb, uhm -
i flow to rhythms of all sorts, different sports
give me some pants with them hands, i aint takin shorts
tired of them tiny turds and nerds, absurd words
i think i rock too quick, cause at my pace they aint heard words
but i know one thang
none of yall can hang

none of yall can hang
none of yall can hang [repeated]

[verse 2]
my style i kick, "youre flowin too quick"
thats what i hear from the vicks
i bet i dont flow as quick as you lick chicks
please, think im sweater than peas? i flick em like fleas
at ease, and even overseas they flip over these
scall, i break em like a fall, my lead stops em all
i put em in headlocks, dreadlocks and all
ima scuff vicks with lyrical ruff tricks
tuff kicks, put em at the end like a suffix
you better maxwell and get smart
cause ima flow and kill em and let the angels play the harp
im sharp, tung, i be rollin like bicycles, i slice pickles
should i say cucumbers, newcomers, i flip em like nickels
and dimes, cause nickel-and-dime rhymes i find from blind minds
this time they all wanna diss mine
why? because i let the funky lyricals fly like this
come get with the lyrical manifest thatll be flowin, and i
rock, they still wanna diss a pro because of my quicker flow
you suckers get played like a piccolo
and i let you know one thang
none of yall can hang

none of yall can hang
none of yall can hang [repeated]

[verse 3]
check, hope youre ready, singers, for steady ringers
and humdingers, bum slingers cut from freddys fingers
slice, nice, twice: he sliced ice and sliced mics with spice
so precise, dont sacrifice, take my advice
jihad is on the twelves turnin giants to elves
puttin twelves on the shelves, makin em hate themselves
cuts like his, you lack that
records were tossed, and then he crossed the fader like a black cat
holdin the beat like a hostage
think its a joke? try to poke, then suckers get smoked like a sausage
dj jihad be stickin cats
turnin em sucker ducks cuts into chicken scratch
...get the catch?
suckers hearts are ripped apart
for tryin to get with the god jihad
punk, that wasnt smart
yo, aint it a damn shame?
none of yall can hang

none of yall can hang
none of yall can hang [repeated]

(get busy)
(get busy)
(get busier)


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